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Your Letters

To the editor,

Judgeships come open very rarely, and when they do it’s important for voters to choose carefully because the person they choose will likely serve in the role for many years. This November, Athens County voters will choose a new judge for the Athens County Court of Common Pleas in the Juvenile/Probate division.

It’s also rare to have a candidate as accomplished and well-qualified as Zach Saunders. I have know Zach only since I became county treasurer, as he functions as legal counsel. I have worked with Zach on a daily basis for more than two years and found him to be an extraordinary public servant.

Zach Saunders is not only a great lawyer with vast knowledge and a background as a clerk for a federal judge, and he’s not just an exemplary public servant who chose public service over a more lucrative career in private practice. Saunders is also a man of high integrity with a heart to match his fine legal mind. His concern for children and the victims of crime has shown through in many situations. He has shown the ability to retain his compassion and sense of justice even after dealing with some of the worst offenders and most heinous crimes in our county’s recent history.

I have also found him to be a public servant who in unconcerned with partisanship or turf-battles and seeks the best outcome for the county in every situation.

In short, Zach Saunders can be counted on to do the right thing in any given situation and that quality is priceless in a judge. I hope you will join me in voting for Zach for Juvenile/Probate judge in this election.

Ric Wasserman

Athens, Ohio

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