To the Editor:

I’m responding in disgust to Dennis E. Powell’s recent rant “Could We All Just Shut the Hell Up About Politics for a While?” (The NEWS, Nov. 5). What a privilege for you, Mr. Powell, to be able to “tune out politics” so you can go back to enjoying your comfortable life.

Meanwhile, back to a majority of Americans’ realities, the GOP’s increasingly violent and anti-democratic tactics have given rise to neo-nazis and mass murderers. As a white man, you can rest easy knowing that you’re safe from white supremacist terrorism, the single biggest, metastasizing threat to our national security.

There’s no “both sides” argument here, Mr. Powell.

The Republican Party alone has based its platform on blatant lies and racism.

Republicans alone deny the undisputed scientific consensus on climate change. 

Republicans alone claim to support Medicare and Social Security, while lying about tax cuts in order to undermine the social safety net.

Republicans alone block all attempts for sensible gun control.

Republicans alone have supported the inhuman, unconscionable family separation policies.

Republicans alone have waged a decades-long war on voting rights for people of color.

Republicans alone have forced through a confirmation of an historically controversial and unquestionably partisan Supreme Court justice.

Republicans alone have hitched their wagons to a racist, misogynist, criminal demagogue in the oval office to appease its super-rich donor class.

Should Daniel Ellsberg have shut up about the Pentagon Papers?

Should John Lewis have shut up about his civil rights?

Should Dr. King have shut up about his dreams?

Or maybe Susan B. Anthony should have shut about her crazy ideas about women’s suffrage?

Or those pesky founding fathers, they definitely should have shut up and enjoyed their tea, instead of dumping it into the harbor!

In 2018, women, people of color and other marginalized populations have clawed their way to a tiny sliver of media attention. Mr. Powell, your callous demand that they “shut up” about politics is insulting to all citizens of a country founded on principals of constant self-examination and upheaval. Your petty gripes represent a mortal threat to millions of Americans living one paycheck away from a homeless shelter, or one routine traffic stop away from a police shooting, or one school day away from a mass murder.

Aaron Bauman

Franklin Street


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