To the Editor:

I have only grandchildren in the Athens City School District. One is a senior who is graduating this year of 2020.

I feel it is absurd that the Athens City School Board can’t develop a plan for these seniors who have worked very hard for 12-plus years toward graduation day, to have something in the way of a celebration for a graduation ceremony for these students.

If you watch TV at all or read any newspaper, you will see how other school districts are planning senior celebrations with social distancing, yet honoring the students. Logan, for one example, is using a drive-in theatre to have the students park at the speakers, and they will announce the names of the student individually over those speakers. Upon the announcement, that student will exit their car and proceed to have their diploma presented to them.

I am throwing out one idea to this Athens City School Board. Why not plan graduation later in the summer months of possibly June or July? Those months would precede students who will be preparing to leave for college. There is a huge football stadium at Athens High School where parents, family and friends could gather while being six feet apart. The students could line up outside in the fresh air, attired in their caps and gowns. The names could be read over the PA system and each student individually walk across the stage to receive his or her diploma, while maintaining a six foot distance from one another. All precautions could be taken, masks could be worn, gloves could be used to present the diplomas, and whatever other guidelines might be necessary to follow our Ohio state government guidelines.

I realize that this event would take some planning, but there are teachers and administrators enough to make this happen. They all are saying they miss their students, so why not make this year of 2020 a memorable one for our seniors?

Congratulations to all seniors of Athens High School for your accomplishments!

Sandra Bishman

Ohio Rt. 691


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