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Your Letters

To the editor,

It is groundhog day again with President Duane Nellis and the Ohio University Board of Trustees. Deb Shaffer had every legal right to accept her $100,000 bonus she contracted for but seriously, has anyone in leadership at this University taken the time to understand appearances with the reality that 400 persons who need the money far more than Deb Shaffer, are no longer employed?

Did not one University Trustee or Mr. Nellis think it might be important to have a conversation with Deb Shaffer to discuss a reduction or deferral of a bonus that represents so many food service jobs? And then the nerve of the the Chairman of the Board of Trustees to actually defend the decision to take this bonus in the midst of a fiscal crises. And then to add insult to injury, this is a University employee who has received a vote of no confidence from her peers. Faculty members and union employees; do not stand by and continue to allow this incompetent leadership to continue. It is hurting my University and your University. And as disappointing as Mr. Nellis and Ms. Shaffer’s decision making is with regard to the acceptance of this bonus, the Trustees share the blame equally.

Take a look at these persons appointed politically who should be now taking an aggressive leadership role themselves and challenging the decision making of Mr. Nellis and Ms. Shaffer. To most of them, their positions are resume builders and provide for cocktail hour braggadocio. Name me one Trustee you see in print or hear of challenging this incompetent administration. Quite the opposite, as most of their allegiance to the administration can only be described in a vernacular not suitable for publication. All I see as an alumni is public statements standing by their man in the case of Mr. Nellis. How cannot one single Trustee stand up and objectively see what we all are seeing with situations like this acceptance of a $100,000 bonus?

How could not a single Trustee stand up and argue on behalf of the 400 persons effected by this incompetence in leadership? This University, as are many, is in trouble. It is time for the faculty to dispense with worthless pronouncements of “no vote of confidence”. It is time to step forward and challenge every one of these ridiculous missteps before this University falls off the cliff. Start with your Trustees.

Bret Adams

Dublin, Ohio

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