To the Editor:

When I think of “community,” I think of all the things that exist that bring quality of life to people living together. In Athens, this means everything from good pedestrian walkways, to a sound infrastructure, to a nurturing place for small shops and businesses to exist and flourish.

It means developing plans for affordable housing for working people, and providing quality habitation for people with mental illness and developmental challenges, as well as for older people on fixed incomes. It also means such things as clean public parks and bike paths with plenty of trees and bush habitation for birds.

Then, of course, there is the work of making a place for the amenities of life, including public centers for art and music, recreation centers for the maintenance of good health, and public libraries to provide Internet to the masses and enrich the life of the mind and imagination.

All these things in balance provide real quality of life, and make the notion of community something genuine. It’s a lot to keep track of, and it requires an active and perceptive intellect. It requires a smart sense of how to make the best use of limited funds. The mayor and his officers cannot juggle all these matters equitably without good advisers, the people who serve on City Council.

Beth Clodfelter has the broad skill set, the common sense, a mindfulness of the many needs out there, and the passionate intelligence for the crucial work of a councilperson. We all know having the fiscal resources to run any city government has never been more challenging than in these times, and that means selecting the finest human resources is even more important than money.

Please vote for Beth Clodfelter on this year’s ballot for City Council At-Large. It will be a favor to all components of our community.

Todd Bastin

Fairview Avenue


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