To the Editor:

I am writing today to express my support and enthusiasm for Beth Clodfelter, who is running for an at large spot on Athens City Council. I met Beth four years ago when we worked closely for three years on a county-run project. I was impressed by her committed participation, her insightful ideas, strategizing abilities and her intent listening skills.

In meetings Beth would listen to everyone before coming to any decision or conclusion. I also noticed Beth had the ability to talk to anyone, and I thought then, as I do now, that she would be a great public servant.

On Sunday last week, I had the opportunity to hear Beth speak about her willingness and interest in serving. She is very idea driven rather then party focused. I believe she wants to hear opinions and concerns from all members of our community and work to solve problems both big and small that are brought to her attention.

Beth has done an incredible amount of ground work preparing for this role. She has been attending Athens City Council meetings since January, has met with the directors of every city department, and has attended West Side and Far East Side neighborhood association meetings. Beth will hit the ground running as a City Council member, making the most of her first two-year term.

We need strong women in our political system. We need people with the very determined mindset that Beth has to step up and offer to serve our community. I hope she gets elected and has the opportunity to do so. Beth has so many positive skills for this position and we will all benefit from her service. I believe 100% that Beth Clodfelter is the best person to fill an at-large seat this fall. 

Anticipating the lack of A-NEWS endorsement editorials, I submit my own.

Ann Moneypenny


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