To the Editor:

In recognition of the activism displayed by delfin bautista in the areas of social justice including LGBTQ, women’s issues, immigrant issues and people of color, not only on campus but throughout the community, and in response to the brutal fashion Ohio University removed delfin from their (delfin’s) position, we wish to withdraw our names for consideration in the category of Best Local Activist in The Athens NEWS Best of Athens Readers’ Choice Awards.

We believe that delfin is truly the activist who has put themselves out there for the betterment of the people of this university and community. We strongly encourage people to cast their vote for delfin bautista for Activist of the Year.

In solidarity,

Kerri Shaw, Mansfield Road, Athens

Roxanne Groff, Marietta Run, Amesville

Andrea Reik, Terrell Road, Athens

Katherine King, South Shafer Street, Athens

Editor’s note: The four signees of this letter, along with delfin bautista, comprise the five finalists in the Best Local Activist category of Best of Athens. The link to the ballot for the final round of this year’s Best of Athens can be found at, on the home page right below the main strip of menu choices.

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