Your Letters

Your Letters

To the editor,

By now, the annual post-graduation mass move out for university students in our town is predictable by most measures, COVID conditions notwithstanding.

One visible measure is the staggering amount of trash that needs removed, immediately. This year some people seem to have forgotten this fact.

As a result, instead of praising those responsible for the speedy removal, they were met with complaints seeming to originate from individuals who were not witnessing the action on the ground.

As someone who contracts their services and also personally witnessed the intense effort they provided during that time, I’m here to try and set the record straight. The folks of AHRC should be personally thanked by every member of our community.

AHRC cleaned up our town during that time. AHRC removed the mountains of trash, usually within 24 hours. AHRC had crews working around the clock for weeks diligently managing that monstrous task along with their other obligations. AHRC is the reason our town doesn’t shut down during that time.

We all owe them a debt of gratitude for the exemplary job they do, every year. It’s obvious some don’t agree, which is a pity because try to imagine if AHRC stopped working (or went on strike) for just OU graduation weekend.

Thank you Athens Hocking Recycling Centers and all the people involved. From the board, to the director, to the supervisors, to the office workers, to the workers in operations, and to anybody that may have been missed... thank you.

Patrick Daugherty

Athens, Ohio

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