To the Editor:

Dear Athens County, please come to the public hearing at 6 p.m. on Monday, Oct. 7. at the Burr Oak Lodge on the Johnson Run Mine water pollution discharge permit proposed for Trimble Township.

The Ohio EPA and Mine Division of ODNR will start the meeting with a discussion about the mine. The discussion will be followed by public testimony for the record. There has been overwhelming opposition to this mine since the spring of 2017. There is clear evidence that once again the OEPA is trying to avoid protecting the Johnson Run stream by not following federal anti-degradation policy and law.

The coal company has laid off 105 employees, does not have a flood plan approved by the county, and still has an incomplete and inadequate permit application, and yet the OEPA is willing to issue a permit to the coal company that will irreparably damage the stream.

Millions of tax dollars have gone into the improvement of the Sunday Creek Watershed where the mine will take place. The effects of the mine in the watershed will greatly set back the improvements that have been made. This is unacceptable!

We need to fill the room Monday night. Even if you do not want to speak publicly, come and listen and support your friends who will be testifying. Comments are being received by OEPA until Oct. 14. Send comments to:, include Johnson Run Mine OIL00168*AD. Please cc to director Laurie Stevenson,, AND USEPA Region 5,

People will meet at the solar panels at the Athens Community Center at 5 p.m.for carpooling. Also see for talking points. Thank you all!

Roxanne Groff


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