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To the editor,

This is an open letter to Congressman Steve Stivers.

You must launch a congressional investigation into influence peddling and corruption on the part of Senior Presidential Advisor Jared Kushner.

Since you and your Republican colleagues have chosen to ignore Trump’s gross abuses of office, Republicans in Congress bear a special responsibility. Although Trump committed, in the Ukraine affair, an abuse of office so brazen that it would make even Nixon blush, your craven cowardice made you excuse this outrage. Since the impeachment vote, Trump has launched a Stalinist purge of our government to cast out dedicated career professionals in scientific, diplomatic, and regulatory agencies, favoring slavish loyalty over competence and honesty. Trump endangers the Constitution that you swore to uphold and defend. You have enabled him far too long. Your failure to censure his crimes makes you complicit in them.

You must, if you place any value on your oath of office, call for a Congressional investigation into Jared Kushner’s abuse of office. If Republicans are actually sincere about draining the swamp, Kushner needs to circle the drain and go down the hole to where he belongs.

Kushner, who has no academic or professional qualifications in international relations or foreign policy, has been interfering in diplomatic affairs, often at cross-purposes to the US State Department. Kushner has been using his position as Presidential Advisor to enrich himself at the expense of American taxpayers. Each time he travels abroad, Kushner is accompanied by a security team provided at public expense while he lines his pockets and forms contacts that further his business interests. His ties to the Saudi government are especially suspect, given the Trump administrations’ complacency regarding the Khashoggi murder. Kushner’s gross abuses demand severe legal consequences.

I realize that, party lackey that you are, you will continue to enable the Trump administration as it mounts its assault on the Constitution. You and your feckless colleagues, Portman, Johnson, and Jordan will continue to cower before the lash wielded by Mitch McConnell and toe the party line, to ensure the Republicans remain the party of cowardice and complicity. You should resist the Trump agenda of a slow march toward fascism, if you can find the moral courage to do so. But then, moral courage does not seem to be a concept you people recognize.

Rep. Stivers, either launch a Congressional investigation into Jared Kushner, or make a public statement explaining why you will not.


David Savola

Athens, Ohio

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