To the Editor:

We should halt one of the most common, indirect, COVID19 transmission vectors, touching a gasoline pump.

An emergency gasoline tax, combined with low demand and fuel prices, would have a low impact on consumers. This tax would be to employ full-service fueling done by well-compensated and fully trained employees with protective gear.

We could easily remove one of the most publicly touched surfaces in daily life, reducing COVID19 transmissions. We would have a gloved, masked and sanitized person touching the gas nozzle, the credit cards, and the buttons on the pump.

There are thousands of unemployed people who could be easily trained for this action. The tax would aid our primary stations in implementing this measure quickly, with quality employee safety training.

Our Ohio leaders – already overwhelmed and doing a wonderful job in response to this pandemic – would benefit from a citizens’ petition for this frontline response. This letter has been sent to both Athens area representatives in the Ohio Legislature, the Athens City-County Health Department and the Ohio Attorney General.

Jason M. Wallace


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