To the Editor:

Re: "Mars Bug or Mars Rock" (The NEWS, Nov. 27). I've had this prose poem lying around, waiting for just such an opportunity. It's collated from many such assertions about life on Mars from Yahoo News and the like.

All About Mars

Rats on Mars and common sense. Rats breeding on Mars.

Face on Mars. Skulls on Mars. Horse head on Mars. The enigma of Mars: Many alien structures and beings that look like rocks.

Rats on Mars that look like rocks. Foreigners on Mars that look like rocks (half-buried status). Alien thigh bone spotted on Mars. Many alien body parts – a rock atrocity...

On Mars.

Fuzzy pictures on Mars. Blurry pictures discovered on Mars. Myriads of pyramids. Weird bubbles. Proof discovered on Mars. Alien beer can partly crushed.

Scars. Evidence, found on Mars. Grimaces. Aliens on Mars have been found on Mars.

Spinelessness. Failures to investigate have been found on Mars. Red circles and pink arrows found on Mars. Blue outlines discovered. Army helmet.

Footage leaked. No official word found on Mars. Sightings in Spanish and Chinese and Arabic. Possibly ideologically biased, maybe culturally.

No credible information to date has been found on Mars. No confession. Just water, methane and brine, maybe.

Fourth from the sun. The Red Planet.

Hidden agenda in the shadows on Mars. Truth secreted and files buried. Not a word... believed… on Mars.

Ivars Balkits

Clark Chapel Road


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