To the editor:

I am writing in support of Tim Warren for York Township trustee, he certainly deserves another term! While it is true that I cannot vote on a York Twp ballot, I most certainly would vote for Tim Warren if I could. Instead I will give my reasons why I would.

I have known Tim and his family for most of my adult life. Tim is a family man, bus driver for N-Y schools and an officer of the Ohio Association of Public School Employees, an officer in the AFL-CIO, an officer in the Athens Co. Township Assn as well as York Township Trustee, but that is just a tip of the iceberg. He sits on the Baileys trail system advisory board, Athens County Port Authority, and has been on the Athens Co. planning commission. A true, fearless advocate for everyday working folks and underdogs from his work as a Union officer. Tim is very familiar with the concept of, wearing multiple “hats” and he’s darn good at it. 

Here is a short list of traits that document Tim’s qualifications to continue as Trustee. 

First, the breadth and width of his knowledge base coupled with common sense. Something he has developed over his years of real world experience, he is not one that just sits at the house but honestly out in the community interacting (I guess it’s now called networking)with folks; figuring out the “rules” to get a grant that benefits the community or simply lending an empathetic ear and using his problem solving skills. Tim is one if the first to raise his hand when asked to help or someone needs assistance. A good soldier or a good leader as the situation dictates, selflessly. This lends testimony that Tim is community orientated, without being self-serving. He is fair, honest and hardworking. Something that a lot of folks that get into public service either tell you they have, don’t have or forget. Tim has not.  

Ted Linscott

Athens, Ohio

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