Issue 5 on the Athens County ballot in the Nov. 7 general election – a renewal of a property tax levy that supports emergency medical services in the county – deserves strong voter support.

The one-mill, five-year levy, one of three that fund Athens County EMS, would reportedly generate about $974,000 per year.

Of the other two levies that go toward funding Athens County EMS, one is also a one-mill levy while the third is 0.5 mills.

Each of the levies appears before voters every five years and date back to when Athens County was part of the multi-county Southeast Ohio Emergency Medical Services. The commissioners voted to separate from the multi-county outfit in 2010, forming Athens County EMS at the beginning of 2011.

The three local tax levies bring in half of the agency’s total operating revenue, while the rest comes from patient billing. This division between tax levies and income from patients is the same as has been in place for nearly 40 years, both under multi-county and single-county operation.

The levies are important because they allow the ACEMS to 1) not siphon money from the county budget; and 2) keep patient billing for quality service relatively affordable.

ACEMS has stations in Athens, Glouster, Coolville, Nelsonville and Albany.

Please support Issue 5 for emergency medical services on the Nov. 7 general election ballot.

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