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“Still wondering why the world’s flags were displayed (beautifully!) on the Main Green April 5. Is that a special day?”

“Climate change advocates argue that the US must ‘lead the way’ while acknowledging that the goals to which they aspire can’t be reached unless all countries participate. During the US Climate Summit (April 23), President Biden stressed, ‘America represents less than 15 percent of the world’s emissions. No nation can solve this crisis on their own.’ Climate activists are of the opinion that if the US shows ‘leadership’ other countries will eventually fall in line. Consider this: Brazil cut its environment budget a day after attending the US climate summit — having vowed to boost environmental spending. China? India?”

“Why is it that Republican politicians spend so much of their time trying to keep people from voting?”

“Many thanks to Aaron Dunbar for his letter ‘Our house is on fire’ (April 21). What a perfect analogy to bring us closer to understanding and therefore accepting the realness of the climate crisis. Plus, he showed empathy for people who just can’t/don’t/won’t allow themselves to ‘get it’ by admitting that he, even as a dedicated advocate of climate study, fails to do what is necessary at times in everyday life to help avert a climate catastrophe. Communication like this is more of an extended hand than a threat to folks to really step up, learn, and take responsibility for sustaining this planet called Earth.”

“Dear Athens: remember, there are families that live on the West side too. It is also a “Residential Area” that houses many great folks, even though we don’t have the road sign and multiple speed bumps to prove it. Stop using Central and Second as your personal drag strip to get to other parts of the city. We see you.”

“College is about improving oneself and developing skills others might possess, not being equal to everyone else. If college were about being equal to everyone else it would be as inexpensive as the air we breath.”

“Just saw Mayor Patterson is considering running for Steve ‘Good Riddance’ Stivers’ congressional seat. Check out the geography of this district, our district. The epitome of gerrymandering.”

“Bittersweet tears for the Chauvin verdict. The sweet: guilty, guilty, guilty. The bitter: All the black lives that haven’t mattered in our history and that continue to this day.”

“Littering is taken very seriously in Folly Beach, SC. Fines up to $1000 and/or jail. Also signs everywhere like ‘Litter Makes Me Crabby.’ Letters to the editor were frequent asking people to take the challenge of creating a litter free community. I want to see Athens County come back to taking our litter problem more seriously.”

“Ohio politicians are considering financing $2 million for construction of the Baileys Trail [Bicycle] System. (It has been suggested that Baileys Trail will attract tourists to and spend money at local business.) What local businesses are not shut down (in whole or in part) because COVID restrictions or fears? The Mayor of Athens has said that even if Ohio lifts the mask mandate, Athens will still require masks. And, won’t Athenians complain about ‘outsiders’ (many likely not wearing masks) bringing COVID into Athens? What’s the plan here?”

“Due to optics of the Prof. Kalyango case, the OU Trustees seem to have put dollars over justice, but they should know that throwing a black man under the bus can have dire dollar consequences in the form of reduced donations.”

“We hit the “historic” Eclipse Company Store last week. But alas, like the Eagles said, call something paradise and kiss it goodbye. The beer offerings are fewer, the picnic tables are gone, the food servings were halved at twice the price and the servers didn’t know the beers or the menu even though they were glued to iPads.”

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