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The ODNR needs to address a dangerous situation at the Fox Lake Wildlife Area. Water from the nearby hillside is draining across the parking lot for the boat ramp on Fox Lake Road. In the days after it rains, that water has been flowing down the sloped sidewalk to the boat dock. On Labor Day, a fisherman slipped on the wet walkway, falling flat on his back and whacking his head hard on the concrete. He's still sore today. OK, I'll 'fess up. That was me. While I should have been more careful, the ODNR really needs to do something about that drainage problem and post a warning sign.

The U.S. just spent millions of dollars and 13 precious lives to evacuate our citizens from an area whose regime is known to suppress voting rights and women's rights. So, when to we start the evac flights from Texas?
Last night President Biden said "now we are all victims of the weather."
‘Athens County recorded another death from coronavirus.’ (The Athens NEWS) ‘Athens County Adds One Death Related To COVID.’ (WOUB) So which is it – ‘from’ COVID or 'related to’ COVID?
Editor's response: If this discrepancy is a big concern in your life, count your blessings.
Concerning Ohio University’s self-admitted ‘egregious’ error with COVID data, an OU professor commented, ‘We seem to be much more obsessed with measurement than we do with judgment.’ Well put. Another way to express this is to say that ‘quality’ can not be reduced to ‘quantity.’ Another way to say this is that ‘leadership’ (quality) is very different from ‘management’ (quantity). Everyone needs to take a chill pill and calm down.
Study abroad programs begin to return for students, faculty. The Office of Global Opportunities (OGO) has been ramping up travel opportunities. Catharine Marshall, director of OGO, said that over the summer, OU ran programs in Los Angeles and Washington, DC. For the Fall Semester about 11 to 15 students will travel internationally.’ (The Post, Sept. 9). Travelling to LA or DC is ‘study abroad’? The OGO website shows 15 employees. The Office of Global Affairs (a different office) has at least 3 employees. The Center for International Studies has 8 administrative staff members. What are all these people doing?
Editor's response: Is this the same person who sends Voice submissions about the OGO every week? We get it: You don't like this program. Move on already! Or at least kvetch over at The Post.
'Editor's note: The Athens NEWS will have an update on OU's fall 2021 enrollment figures after the university completes its official census on September 6.' (The Athens NEWS, August 28) So, what are the numbers?
Editor's response: Nag, nag nag. We're waiting on data from OU. Keep yer britches on, will ya?
Ohio University jobs postings shows OU is looking to hire 41 faculty members (mostly part-time, adjunct, or 'pool') and 55 full-time administrators.
Buried deep within an Ohio University press release (Sept. 10): The University’s overall total enrollment fell.’
Next summer the City Pool needs an on-site pool Mmanager, as in all previous years going back to Crystal Pool! There was no manager this summer and it was chaos.  This manager needs the qualifications to train lifeguards, hire/fire guards, and pinch-hit as a guard himself/herself. Also to make decisions about pool openings and closings for weather, and extensions such as in recent years the extra 2 weeks of lap swim until mid September. Requires only one guard, very popular! The layout of multiple pools requires far more lifeguards than a traditional rectangular pool, which was lousy planning. But it’s what we have, are paying for, and needs to be open as much as  possible.
Open letter to Lt. Governor Jon Husted: I see in the A-News that you said that reliable Internet access is is a 'need.' It seems like you are saying Internet access is a utility, yes? Then Internet access should be under the PUCO. Do your job.

Women are denied their human rights and treated as second-class citizens in many places in the world by not allowing them to control their own bodies. This is happening all over the world, in places like Iran, Saudi Arabia and many other fascist countries. It’s even happening in Texas in the good ’ol USA. Your place may be next.  

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