“Boy, this is sure getting old that are power snaps off on these November mornings. This is the second time in less than 24 hours that we’ve had an outage for more than an hour on the west side of Athens. Sometimes we overlook how much our lives are wedded to power until it goes out. Just think about it. Your alarm clock doesn’t go off. Your sleep apnea machine stops functioning. You can’t get online to check on an outage because your computer is down. So you’re going to get in your car, to drive, to work, or go to class in the overhead garage door won’t open. So you’re trapped in your garage. Not to mention, oh, let’s cook some food in the microwave. Oh, that’s not going to run. One, it’s interesting to see just how little advance notice we’ve been given by AEP about these outages.”

“In the story about the regional jail expansion, Nelsonville Police Chief Scott Fitch blamed the crime scene in Nelsonville on the lack of space to throw prisoners. Perhaps the Nelsonville police and city of Nelsonville could do more to focus on crime prevention methods and then there wouldn’t be such a need for jailing people. For example, street lights are out all over the city of Nelsonville, and despite complaints and efforts to have these turned back on, the city ignores these. Street lighting is essential to crime prevention. Also the Nelsonville police failed to respond to calls for traffic violations, like parking and yellow curbs, parking front of fire hydrants and so-called ‘minor disturbances.’ Most problems aren’t jailable offenses. It’s essential that we focus on crime prevention. The city of Nelsonville has given up painting yellow curbs in front of fire hydrants and illegal parking where you can’t see, creating serious traffic problems all over the city. Even a Nelsonville police officer was killed as a result of Nelsonville traffic hazards that exist in this city. Throwing people in jail, I suppose, is nice and sometimes necessary. Prime conventions like street lights and other measures should be taken.”

“Damon Krane has moved on to blame a whole bunch of people for his loss (last place) in the Athens city council race. Maybe if he could peel himself away from gazing at his reflection in a pool of water for a moment he might realize the fault lies within. If Krane is actually interested in serving the community through an elected position he has to realize he needs some different methods. That is of course IF Krane wants to actually win an election, which I’m not at all sure he does.”

“If you blast into the Richland roundabout at 40mph you have no right to get PO’d to find a car in your lane on the other side who “failed to yield” to your manic, unsafe driving. Oh, and use your signal in the traffic circle. If I can do it on my motorcycle you can sure as hell use it in your car, truck, or van.”

“City Council is two-faced. Re: New ‘Truck Vendors’ rules. They increase the penalties so that people will ‘obey the rules,’ then suspend the rules to do something they want. I see in the ‘News nearly every week about how council ‘suspended the rules’ and did something. Well, I’ll suspend the rules on robbery and go help myself at the local bank. If a body can suspend the rules, there are no rules. But don’t go preaching obeying the rules when you don’t.”

“You know there’s one simple way for street vendors to not be concerned by increased penalties for violations of law — just follow the law.”

“RE APR Director Katherine Jordan’s somewhat glib dismissal of the poorly handled evaluation and hiring process in which she was brought on board: Dear Katherine, the ‘past is not the past,’ as you’ve been quoted. The past is prologue. Athens makes unforced errors year after year after year after year, each time expressing the same ‘let bygones be bygones’ attitude immediately afterward, as though in preparation for the next time. Doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results is but one definition of insanity, certainly incompetence and almost without question impaired ethics.”

“Last week, one writer to the Athens NEWS wrote, ‘I won’t be shopping [at stores in Athens that] refuse to enforce the mask mandate.’ Interesting. I’m continuing my boycott of stores, restaurants, etc. in Athens (whether or not they enforce masking) because of the City of Athens’ mask mandate that ends February 28. (Same for OU-related events.)”

“It was really disappointing to see Athens Texas Roadhouse was the only one that was not open for lunch for Veterans Day! They did give out a food coupon, but all the other Texas Roadhouses were open to serve the veterans that day.”

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