“Nelsonville must be crazy to hire a cop that shot into a moving car with a kid in a car seat and killed a city resident. Watch the video and explain how this cop was justified in pulling the firearm much less firing it. This is the action of a trigger-happy cop and another accident waiting to happen.”

“I surely hope the young man doing garbage pickup entirely alone — drive the truck, get out, dump the blue containers, get back in the truck and drive forward — on the Far East side today [Dec. 30] was being paid for doing the work of two or three people.”

“I just read your article about the group suing Ohio University for the vaccine mandate. I just thought its in everyone’s interest to know that a parent who is involved was posting on the Ohio University subreddit asking if anyone else wanted to join the lawsuit. Their post history is a combination of delusion, conspiracy theories and extreme declarations. Good luck to them! And good luck to the college kids raised by those nuts.”

“Rumors have been circulating for months among residents that a campus Target store is coming to uptown Athens. I think this calls for the investigative powers of the Athens News!”

Your lips to God’s ear, my friend. — CC

“Wow! Athens gas prices dropped 8¢, to $3.27. I guess I’ll have to rethink about my trip to Logan to save 21¢, or Belpre to save 28¢, or Sam’s Club in Parkersburg and save — are you ready — 48¢. Glad I’m mobile and have my choice where to spend my hard-earned money, others should too. These are 12/31 prices/savings.”

Editor’s note: Do the math. A 15-gallon fill-up for a passenger car would cost $49.05 @ $3.27/gallon. Using your numbers, the cost in Logan would be $45.91, or a savings of $3.14; in Belpre, $44.85 ($4.20); and at Sam’s, $41.85 ($7.20). But even if your car gets 30 miles per gallon, you still lose money. You’d use 1.66 gallons of gas to get to Logan, 2.4 gallons to get to Belpre, and 2.63 gallons to get to Sam’s using the toll bridge (2.85 using the free bridge). The gas to get to Logan and back would cost $5.08; you’d lose $1.94. The Belpre round-trip would cost $7.18, a loss of $2.98. Sam’s Club would cost $7.38 (losing 17 cents) or $7.91 (losing 71 cents). The lower your gas mileage, the bigger the loss. Not to mention the additional wear and tear on your car or extra emissions. Bottom line: Unless you get amazing gas mileage or you’re on the north/east edge of the county you’re better off buying gas in Athens. — CC

“My last two posts have been censored, so I ask again: Who appointed Ms. Colbert official censor and arbiter of what is true? Suppressing dissenting opinions always leads to ruin. You’re just not old enough to remember.”

Editor’s response: You’ve submitted the same thing for several weeks, so I’ll take the bait. 1) I was appointed “official censor and arbiter of what is true” by Adams Publishing Group, which owns the Athens News. The editor’s job is to review information and — based on available facts — decide what’s worth printing. The internet is an unfiltered free-for-all of information; help yourself there. 2) Lies and conspiracy theories are not “dissenting opinions” — they’re just BS. No news outlet is obligated to give you a platform; the First Amendment applies to government suppression of speech.

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