“Great new signs on campus! Much improved from advertising coffee."

All things COVID-19

"How can school nursing staff keep our schools safe, especially a school for special needs in our county when they are attending the Athens Co. Fair and not wear mask at all just before schools are to open? Kids under 12 can not get vaccine yet and hospital cases for those children are on the rise."

"It is not about about being psycho safe for COVID as people want to dramatize... it is about being considerate of our community and their unique needs. A fair that adheres to no safety measures is so very disappointing. Goes against every bit of the 4-H Pledge, motto and how good leaders should oversee activities that pose a community health risk. We got to gate and saw they didn't care and pics on Facebook of a parade that had kids wedged in trucks unmasked from all corners of county." 

"Delta variant! Barack Hussein Obama hosts ‘epic’ $1m, celebrity-filled, marijuana-fueled birthday birthday party at $12m beachfront property. (Climate Change & rising ocean levels?) COVID! Olympic soccer player & LGBT activist Megan Rapinoe ‘finagles’ (CNN) press pass to watch girlfriend play Olympic basketball. Mask mandates for everyone! Ohio University and Athens City Schools run body-fluid swapping (and unmasked) football programs. (Exception: No masks required for Athens City Schools VIP employees who work in the Chauncey main office.) NYC to require Vaccine Passport - disenfranchising the mostly-unvaccinated NYC African-American population. Athens/OU racial equity? ‘OK for me, but not for thee.’ (Marie Antoinette)"

"Lambda COVID variant following Delta variant. Alpha variant following Lambda variant."

"The contagious Delta variant has taken over. Children are getting it too. And as Fall approaches and schools open, things will likely be getting worse.  Unlike adults, kids up to 12 years can’t protect themselves with a vaccine since it’s not available to them. So I say to the unvaccinated adults, if you care about the safety of our kids, get vaccinated. And if you don’t, at least stay away from them!"

"The Sheeple who manage the Athena Cinema are now requiring masks of everyone. Boycott the Athena Cinema."

"According to an August 5 email sent from Ohio University to employees, only about 40% of faculty members have declared themselves ‘vaccinated’. Nearly 60% have apparently not ‘joined’ the Covid Pathways Project."

"Ohio University and Athens City Schools have reinstated masking. The rationales were given as XYZ. What are the criteria for unmasking?"

"Am I understanding this right? There is another, newer COVID variant (Alpha, B.1.1.7) following the Delta variant?"

"You can bet that politicians playing with your life with disincentives and misinformation about covid vaccination have theirs. It should be mandatory that Governor Ron De Santis of Florida attend every COVID-caused funeral."

"Does anyone remember the mask mandates, business and school closures, lost jobs, and evictions in 2020? Then there’s the 20,000 people that have died from COVID-19 in Ohio since 1/1/2020. You can whine all you want about your individual rights, personal choice, and freedom, but guess what?  It’s not just about YOU. YOU may be fine. YOU might not die (or even get sick). YOU might be able to weather another economic shut-down without losing your home. But what about those of us who may not be as lucky as you?  You clearly don’t care about anyone else — but PLEASE — for your friends and neighbors — can you just shut-up and go get your free shot?"

"Athens County Fair Covid Fest. So sad to see 4H advisors and Fairboard disregard the safety of our community. Agriculture depends on science...aren't they the agricultural society?"


”Why is ‘Nelsontucky’ a ‘cruel and derogatory phrase’? Is there something wrong with Kentucky?"

Athens City Pool

”Athens City Pool. Athens City Council approves $91,000 for mandatory racial equity training for city employees."

"Nelsonville City Pool. Open 11:00am - 6:00pm. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday. Marietta City Pool. Open 12:00pm - 6:00pm. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday."

"‘The City of Athens is asking voters to approve a tax levy this fall [November 2014] for the parks and rec department to fund a number of projects. The main expense associated with funding from the tax levy will be … the City Pool.’ (The Athens NEWS, September 28, 2014) Note: We will soon be asked to approve a new, additional tax levy to fund the wildly over-budget construction of the completely unnecessary new school buildings. Also, water & sewer rates are again going up again in 2022."

"Athens is spending $90,000 on racial training but can’t keep the pool open because they couldn’t pay the lifeguards enough? Ugh. When is this dud of a mayor up for re-election."

Ohio University

”OU President Sherman was recently quoted as mentioning “OUR leadership team.” Big improvement over the nitwit who preceded him. Nellis boasted “MY leadership team” every time he could. Details matter. Now hopefully Sherman will focus intensely on academics and education - which the nitwit who preceded him never did."

"How can Robin Dearmon Muhammad, Ph.D. (she/her/hers) , Associate Professor of History (Dept. of African American Studies) and Chairman of the Acknowledgment and Reconciliation Committee (Division of Diversity & Inclusion) be the Chairman of the Faculty Senate AND such a brown-nose to the OU Administration at the same time? Lotta fence-sitting."

"Ohio University’s Board of Trustees has unanimously approved a new Climate Action Plan. In addition, ‘restructuring the sustainability plan’ is a central focus for Elaine Goetz, director of energy management and sustainability at OU. This restructured sustainability plan, says Goetz, is ‘not as much just focused on reducing carbon emissions and energy and water and waste, but on creating engagement ecosystems’ (sic). Whew! Close one! If this new sustainability plan focused on such flaccid concerns as ‘carbon emissions and energy waste’ OU’s carbon-spewing private airplane (used by OU trustees) may have come under scrutiny."


"Looks like I won't be buying my 'chow' at Kroger's Athens store any more. I've shopped there at least every month for the last 37 years, but I will not until Mrs. Mitch McConnell is removed from Kroger's board of directors. She was likely the most anti-labor Labor Secretary in recent history, and made a mess of the transportation dept. as Secretary."

"You know, I'm having trouble wrapping my mind around how stupid it is to release a jail inmate for medical treatment (so the county doesn't have to pay) and then tell them, 'When you're done, you gotta come back to jail.' Arrrrgh! How can they be that stupid and still keep their jobs? Oh wait; how stupid they are doesn't matter, they were elected."

"Gee Whiz……the school project is over budget!! $90 million was not enough! Maybe the superintendent will donate that gigantic raise he received for starting this mess to help out."

"The upcoming mandatory Racial Equity Training for all City of Athens employees is nothing other than Critical Race Theory dogma being used by the State for purposes of public indoctrination. Our children will soon be subject to similar indoctrination when Athens City Schools open."

The A-News

”The Athens NEWS has seemingly begun editorializing the Athens Voice. Last week one writer asked ‘Are water, sewer, and recycling rates going to be increased, again, in January 2022. Seventh or eighth year in a row?’ This contribution fell under an editorial category called ‘Burning questions’. Were the editors mocking or downplaying this question? To me, this seems like a legitimate and relevant question. Especially for low-income people and those living on a fixed income. The costs of water, trash, sewer, and recycling are already quite high and the rates have in fact increased annually for many years."

Editor's note: The heading was not intended to mock or downplay the questions. I'm a homeowner and permanent county resident — taxes and utility costs matter to me, too.

"The media loses interest in stories. On September 17, 2020, The Athens NEWS reported: ‘Dean Scott Titsworth of Ohio University’s Scripps College of Communication and the recently retired director of The E.W. Scripps School of Journalism, Robert Stewart, are both under investigation by the university’s Title IX [sexual harassment] Office’. What ever happened here? Did Ohio University just sweep this issue under the rug? As insider VIPs at OU, did Titsworth and Stewart get ‘pardoned’? This very troubling story just evaporated. What message does this send to female students at OU? Not good. Not good at all."

Editor’s note: You’re right — we should follow up on this. However, the investigation did not involve allegations of sexual harassment against Titsworth or Stewart. The Office of Equity and Civil Rights Compliance received a complaint from Yusuf Kalyango, a former journalism professor who was fired after having been found to have sexually harassed a graduate student. While the specifics of the complaint were not made clear, Kalyango claims that the charges against him and his dismissal are racially motivated. The ECRC office is responsible for all matters related to discrimination, not just those related to sex discrimination under Title IX.

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