“I had such a great laugh the other day. During the spring, when there was so much flooding, whenever my husband and I drove east of Athens, we saw that someone had come up with a wonderful idea: Let’s extend the bike path directly through an area that floods! Then I read that ‘work has resumed on a bike-path project east of Athens, but the county is exploring whether the design can be changed to make the path less susceptible to flooding.’ So the design geniuses only realized this AFTER the project started?! And how many tax dollars will now be spent to correct this ineptitude?!”

“Athens has recently come down with a case of the speed bumps. It’s unfortunate. They’re loud for the houses they’re right in front of and not great for your car’s suspension. The bump on Strouds Run Road in particular is highly unnecessary.”

“Recently OU has published a couple of articles online in the OHIO Compass about accessibility at OU. Both of the articles said that anyone noticing a barrier to accessibility at the university needs to fill out several forms to bring the matter to the attention of OU. Why can’t OU just have an online hotline or phone number for people to call? Why do they have to fill out endless forms? People with mobility and other difficulties already have enough to deal with.”

“Rep Jay Edwards’ yes vote on the constitutionally illegal ‘heartbeat’ abortion bill shows how out of step he is with our community. He continues to vote a rigid party line on all issues. His record also shows how out of touch our local newspapers are by their endorsement of the aforementioned representative. We need a real ‘voice’ for our community.”

Editor’s note: As far as I know, we were the only local paper to endorse Edwards – or endorse at all in the general election. So don’t shoot the Messenger. As for us, yes, we’ve had second thoughts for various reasons, including the representative’s vote on the Heartbeat Bill. TS

“Forget ‘collusion.’ Mueller determined that Trump and his campaign were well aware of an adversarial government’s cyber-attack against the U.S., yet because he was the beneficiary, they chose to do and say nothing. As president, he has stymied any attempt at retaliation, because he likely owes his fortune to said adversary. He still refuses to acknowledge the attack even happened, because doing so might taint his ‘win.’ Time and again, he has chosen to place himself over our country. But, despite all of this, there no doubt will still be Trumpsters here who will continue to defend the indefensible.”

“I think it’s normal for people to try to get away with whatever they can. If someone wants to say, ‘I can sing this song but I want you to get in trouble if you do,’ well, OK. Say whatever you want. The problem is administrators who don’t have the spine to say, ‘I didn’t like it either, but that’s life.’ And of course, it’s far from limited to OU. The term racist is so abused and overused that it has become meaningless, and most of the time that it’s used it’s obvious that the person saying it has no idea what it really means.”

“So, when Obama selectively concentrated refugees of one particular ideology (Jihad) in certain districts with the intent to create voting blocks for his party, it’s OK with Democrats, but when Trump wants to send a variety of asylum seekers from several countries to cities which proclaim that they are ‘sanctuary cities’ who claim to welcome them, it’s ‘bad’ and ‘racist.’ You liberals would be hilarious if you weren’t so dangerous.”

“The Mueller report just verified what we already knew from other reporting: The president is a chronic liar who consorted with the enemy.”

“If a socialist mayor and the nominees for Athens City Council do get elected I’m immigrating to Mexico.”

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