“No. The red bud didn't bloom late. Everything else bloomed early. Courtesy of a fossil carbon economy.”

“The problem with upward mobility is gravity, in all its socioeconomic forms.” 

“Appalachia: I have always thought that everything south of I-70 and east of the Scioto River was Appalachia and that Appalachia itself was a rogue colony of West Virginia.”

“Interestingly enough is that years ago when they built the (Athens) Community Center, they removed a bunch, and I mean a bunch, of soil that made up the bank of the Hocking River right next to where that new construction is finishing up (or is finished?). Who knows how many cubic yards of dirt were removed along that side of the Hocking. I remember when they used to have that old dredge/dirt remover back in the ’70s/’80s that they used to use to remove the silt. I guess someone decided that the money was best used elsewhere. They either sold that old crane/dredger or sent it to the scrapyard. The only silt removal I've seen in the last 20 years are from private entities needing fill dirt and having to get permission from the powers-to-be to get it. Your tax dollars at work. Enjoy it.”

 “What if climate warriors put their money where their mouths are. The emergence of catastrophe bonds in recent decades suggests an interesting way that climate warriors could alleviate the presumed costs of climate change – assuming climate activists are willing to spend any of their own money on the problem.”

“Whoever thinks it’s necessary to write anonymously to the ‘Athens Voice’ about their neighbors mowing their grass before 8 a.m. on a Saturday on the Far East Side should please take a lesson in common courtesy and, like, stop being passive aggressive and actually go TALK to their neighbors face-to-face.”

“Your ‘Readers’ Forum’ opinion piece about the ‘gun lobby’ should have been titled, ‘The time is right to pressure lawmakers to defy the CONSTITUTION.’ Let's not beat around the bush anymore and go ahead and gut all of our rights for the illusion of safety.”

"If the socialist mayoral and City Council candidates get elected into office, start the countdown to property appropriation and prison farms."

"First, Ohio University D&I fired two people of color. Then they went after the LGBT Center. Now they’ve involved the Multicultural Center. Who’s next?”

“This is an adaptation of a quote written during the Nazi period: First the Ohio University Diversity & Inclusion came for two staff members of color. Then they came after the LGBT Center. Now they’ve come after the Multicultural Center. Who’s next? Good to see that students are organizing together. 

“Regardless of what Trump says about the Mueller report exonerating him (and we have ample evidence he's a liar about topics both large and small), we really have no friggin' idea what that report contains yet. And a heavily redacted version (which we can be sure is all Barr is willing to share) doesn't change that. And going back to the ‘oranges’ of that investigation, there sure has been a lot of ‘smoke’ observed around that topic. With that much smoke, there is either a ‘trumpster fire’ or some smoldering pile of excrement at the heart of it. A reasonable person would want to investigate that before the damage spreads, hmmm?”

“If you want to protect life, you must consider the life of the pregnant woman as well as the fetus. Having no allowance for rape and incest does not protect the pregnant woman, who would be condemned to an additional seven-month sentence of carrying a pregnancy that might be a constant reminder of a terrible crime committed against her. Oh, and don't forget that the pregnant woman's mental health also affects the fetus. This ‘heartbeat’ bill is actually pretty ‘heartless.’”

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