“If your only complaint about Hocking College is the football team, why are you not also upset about the equestrian and archery teams? Or is the real reason you don’t like the football team due to the race of the players?”

“I have sympathy for anyone who has to cope with slumlords. Do I have to point out that college students are not the only people in the city who are struggling with bad property management? I notice that no one in the A-News dares talk about the low-income families in this county who struggle with slumlords and outrageous rent thanks to predatory practices aimed at OU students. These families have NO way out. Are we invisible only until we are forced into tents that offend public senses or act out otherwise?” 

“There’s no reason to concoct a word salad to describe our president. Trump is mean and stupid, and that pretty much covers it." 

“The cradles of civilization are Africa, Mesopotamia,India (the Indus Valley) and China. The Native Americans crossed into the Bering Sea, walked the land bridge, and came to America long before Columbus. There’s evidence that the Chinese, Japanese and Phoenicians came here long before Columbus. The Phoenicians came to America around 350 BC, and the Vikings came here around 1000 AD.”

“Really? ‘Operation Slumlord Smackdown.’ Sounds more like a dessert than a viable plan. Oops, that is a dessert at Casa. Looks like someone with no experience is looking for a free ride on the public nickel. Candidates Krane and Hamrick obviously know nothing about the evolution of the rental market in Athens. Their careless accusations are hurtful to hard-working property owners, the staff of City Hall and the code officers. These recriminations are also harmful to a process that has improved the housing stock in Athens over the preceding 40 years.”


“A portion of Coolville Ridge Road has been chip and sealed after many years. I find it curious the work ended near Sturbois Road. Will the county finish the job, or are were they merely trying to make a vocal resident of Sturbois Road happy? Those of us who live farther along the road would really appreciate the same treatment.”

“You know, if we were bringing our daughter to campus, and saw these lewd banners in front of houses, we would not even stop. We would take our daughter to a university run by adults. Maybe we need to rename Ohio U to ‘Rape U.’ It used to be that frat houses had a ‘Mom’ who would never have tolerated this scandalous behavior from sexually mature children.”

“Looking at the new Menards site, I see we need to make two phone calls. 1) Target, please come back, there’s room for both of you! 2) Athens planning committee, please don’t run Target off again with silly demands!”

“I’d like to give kudos to the person who found my cellphone wallet at Kroger this afternoon (Friday, 8/30) and turned it in. You have no idea what a stressful month this has been for me, but your act of kindness reaffirmed my faith that there is good in the world. I’ve been dealing with family issues for the last month or so, and when I realized I had left my phone, it was almost the last straw. THANK YOU! Your small act did not go unnoticed.”

“Play music? Do stand-up? Open Mic night at the Front Room in Baker Center is from 8-11 p.m. every Friday when OU is in session. Make performing part of your education. Your host is singer-songwriter Bruce Dalzell, who has been hosting this for 30 years.”

“Mr. Gorbatrump, don’t build that wall.”

“An overweight man cat-called a young woman: ‘Nice tits!’ She enthusiastically yelled back, ‘Thanks! Yours are nice, too!’”

“This is an outrage, being stuck down here at the end, and to add insult to injury – down at the bottom of a jump page. I will not tolerate this insult!”

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