“The sustainability office can build a new LBGT center with all the trees that fell!” 

“The ticket tax proposed for Nelsonville but directed at visitors is classic backward thinking. And taxing Stuart’s Opera house after all they have done for the community and the zillions of out-of-towners who have poured into the place.” 

“To get a concealed carry permit in Ohio today, the applicant must pass a NICS background check. It is conducted by the local sheriff’s office. I think Ohio currently has a good system in place and the existing gun laws are fine. However, I don’t think the NRA basic pistol course is adequate to prepare a person for concealed carry.” 

“‘GIVE ME LIBERTY OR GIVE ME DEATH’... the ethos of our country. ‘GIVE ME FREE STUFF, (tuition, health care, housing, cash, food, phone, loan forgiveness, reparations, etc.) OR I’LL WHINE AND RIOT’... the eulogy for our country.” 

“Like the comment in Thursdays ‘Athens Voice,’ I too am proud of Jay Edwards’ stand in support of the Heartbeat bill. I have stayed silent for too long when I hear we are taking away women’s rights by standing against abortion. Other than in the case of rape, which can be addressed, they have many choices such as not having sex, not having unprotected sex, or using one of the many methods of preventing pregnancy. We stand with you, Mr. Edwards.”

“With spring, the bike path is booming and inviting. Lots of people are enjoying this treasure. Here’s a request for bikers. Please let us walkers know you’re coming. At 10 mph, you’re covering 15 feet per second, with two seconds to say ‘on your left’ and two seconds for us to react. That’s 60 feet. So you need to be loud and early to avoid potential injuries. If you prefer, get a bell. Dog walkers actually need a little more warning to get the four-legged ones out of the way.” 

“The HVAC in many of the OU buildings, like Copeland Hall, don’t work well. Also, the elevator in Copeland Hall has been out for several weeks this semester, making it difficult for those with mobility difficulties and asthma to gain full access to the building.” 

“We should pay teachers a low wage. Let’s say $6 an hour. And let’s not pay them for preparation time. We’ll just pay for the hours they spend teaching. That would be perhaps five hours a day. So that will be $30 a day for each child in a teacher’s classroom. (After all, look at how much child-care costs these days!) Let’s say that teachers have 20 children in their classroom. That will be $600 a day. Teachers work only 180 days a year. That means that teachers who teach 20 children should make $108,000 a year. Sounds about right.” 

“I couldn’t help notice one of the readers today commenting in the ‘Athens Voice’ that it’s a shame that the trees that fall up on the main campus are turned into sawdust. I remember a time when the trees that fell on campus were turned into really nice gifts. They were then presented to alumni and other needs that the university would have… unique gifts made of university wood. And that project was one of the services that the printing services department used to have. But now of course they no longer do that, and they make their money by taking business from local business… I remember a day when that wasn’t allowed. It’s much different these days…”

“I appreciate the astute redbud comment, observation. I’m glad it wasn’t just me who noticed. But what were the flowering white trees that preceded their blooms? Any ideas?” 

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