“I don’t like those signs on East State telling me I’m going ‘too fast.’ The hell with those signs.”

“I worry about getting the genie back into the bottle. Hatred for Trump has brought out levels of viciousness in people who normally wouldn’t be that way. But now they seem to enjoy it. Once they’ve ‘tasted blood’ so to speak by shouting ‘I hate Trump so F you and F you’ even to other Trump haters, can they ever go back to civility? It’s like the Cold War. When you claim that your actions prevent nuclear holocaust, you can get away with anything, and they did. Now, in the more than justified ‘War on Trump,’ way too many people are just enjoying being nasty.”

“So what’s the matter with the idiotic Ohio State Buckeye football fans. They actually booed their team at halftime for being a few points behind. What horrible people. They must be Trump supporters.”  

Editor’s note: We received the following ‘Voice’ before Election Day.

“I didn’t appreciate your endorsement of state Rep. Jay Edwards but was glad to see that you at least acknowledged that it’s wrong for him to delete critical comments from his official Facebook page and to block critics as well. Having that thin of a skin, to the detriment of constitutional guarantees of free speech, isn’t something we should tolerate in our elected officials. Taylor Sappington – God willing he gets elected – will be a huge improvement.”

“If I had a dollar for every time Donald Trump has committed a ‘deal-breaker’ action or statement, I’d be a happy 1 percenter. And if I had another dollar for every time one of his offensive actions or statements failed to break the deal, I’d move up into the 0.5 percent. He did it again earlier this week with his blatantly racist TV ad – one that was so bad that even Fox News pulled it. I’m writing this Tuesday before the election is over, so maybe, just maybe, all those accumulated deal-breakers will finally produce a positive result at the polls.”

“You all should give President Trump a break. He’s really not that bad, a little rough around the edges, sure, but so was Andrew Jackson, and he was one of America’s greatest presidents.” 

“I hope The Athens NEWS can find out which local landlords bankrolled the expensive and extensive ‘Vote No on 3’ anti-school levy campaign (with the white signs, not the yellow ones). I’ve never seen an Athens area ballot issue or election campaign that’s been so visible and ubiquitous. Signs, stickers, YouTube, social media and web ads, you name it. You can’t turn on your browser without seeing a Vote No on 3 advertisement. Admittedly, the pro-level forces, including the school administration and board, also played some dirty tricks during the election campaign, frequently abusing their supposedly strictly informational role while avidly promoting the bond issue.”

“Please don’t get dogs from puppy mills. Mutts are smarter, and when you rescue a pooch from the dog shelter, that’s an inarguably positive act. When you adopt some fancy, inbred purebred from a puppy mill, or a chain store that gets their stock from puppy mills, you’re encouraging bad acts. Shame on you.”

“There are seven states that have only one member of Congress along with their two senators. California has 53 congressmen. So seven states with only seven members of Congress have 14 senators, while California, with nearly eight times! the population of these seven states, has only two senators. That was done by our Founding Fathers to appease the slave states. Long past time for true representation: ‘of the people, by the people and for the people.’”

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