“NASA wants to send a woman to the moon in 2024. What is the carbon footprint of this initiative?”

“The best number of dogs to own is one cat.”

“Clothes made from recycled and reclaimed plastics and textiles shouldn't be anything new. If we were already using these resources, we would have kept over 15 million tons of textile waste from entering landfills just this past year.”

“I don't blame women's soccer star, Megan Rapinoe for not wanting to go to the house of a known rapist. The guy is an S.O.B. I wouldn't want my daughter anywhere near him.”

“Come on, Athens NEWS. Just three or four more articles. I ran out of reading material Tuesday afternoon in my restroom.”

“That community band for Under the Elms concerts really sounds great! And good choice of selections. It's a summer pleasure, for sure.”

“I always find it ironic when people cite Sodom and Gomorrah as anti-homosexual. The sin of Sodom and Gomorrah was rejection and violence against the stranger visiting in your land, not sexual deviancy. Don't believe me? Check how Jesus uses the example in Matthew 10:14-15. If you reject the homosexual in your community, you are committing the sin of Sodom.”

“Gosh, I wish my life was so easy that all I had to complain about was parking meters and road striping.”

“Today I saw an article where Damon Krane and the other female running for Athens City Council were going to start Operation Slumlord if elected. My landlord has been called a lot of names. Slumlord is one and various other negative things that I wouldn’t say here, but we do have inspections at our apartments. Today (June 27) was the annual city code inspection of our apartments by the city of Athens. In January, on an annual basis, we also have HUD inspections of our apartments. As far as City Council sending plastic bags in protest to Jay Edwards and Frank Hoagland, save your postage.”

“I’m tired of living in Athens County. All you got are high taxes, potholes and thieves. There’s gotta be better our there. Have a good day.”

“In response to county Auditor Jill Thompson’s comments that the ‘taxpayers’ rights aren't being represented in this (Land Bank foreclosure) process.’ I want to set things clear for you, Jill; the folks in question are NOT taxpayers, which is why the properties are being foreclosed. You can't be both a taxpayer and a multi-year, multi-thousand-dollar tax delinquent property owner simultaneously. You either pay your taxes, ALL OF YOUR TAXES, or you don't. Period. Take note, taxpayers elected you, not tax evaders." 

“Dear Abby, I have a problem. Sometimes when I hear Trump say something or do something, my jaw drops and stays open. No matter what, my mouth just won’t close! Do you think the 2020 election will help this condition? – Fingers Crossed.”

“We live in a town where a person of moderate fitness can walk from one side to the other in about an hour, and y’all are going to complain about paying a few cents more for parking? If you don’t want to pay for parking, get out of your metal boxes and enjoy the fresh air!”

“I’m writing about an ‘Athens Voice’ that appeared in last Thursday’s Athens NEWS, about why the Athens Farmers Market can’t set up at the Athens County Fairgrounds. This subject has popped up many times, and I’m the only one who has called to comment on it. The real reason the market cannot be set up at the Fairgrounds is because of all the dried animal poop that’s been spread throughout all the barns. It’s a health hazard, and people in Athens can’t seem to get that through their heads. That’s just one of the reasons.” 

“A little perspective on the $72,000 bonus awarded President Nellis. There are approximately 29,000 students at Ohio University; therefore the ‘contribution’ by each student is a mere $2.48, or the price of a large coffee.”

“OK, the speeding students are gone now so the speed bumps on Columbia Avenue can be removed. They are literally a pain in the ass.”

“We see the Ohio U president got a fat bonus – roughly equal to a year's salary for a tenured professor. Many departments are losing faculty to budget cuts, and he gets a fat bonus. Tell me again about prioritizing education.” 

“Beware not only those who lead you in cheers, but yourself for so unquestioningly cheering.”

“Drag Queen Story Time was an absolute delight. I hope that poor lonely little protester made it home safe and left feeling a little more fabulous! We sure did.”

“Last week in my Facebook feed, a friend was having a drama-filled meltdown rant. She was crying about retail businesses moving to the self-scan checkout system and how it eliminates jobs (i.e. Kroger, Walmart and McDonald’s). Well, sorry to be the Debbie downer to you and your followers, those businesses did not lay anyone off and did not stop hiring people.”

“Dear Bernie Sanders: Don't be taxing the middle class more till you make the rich pay their fair share. When old, retired people are paying more income tax than Donald Trump, Jeff Bezos or General Electric, that is what needs to be fixed. Make everyone pay their fair share, and the guv'mint will have enough money for whatever it needs to do.”

“I will vote for any of the 24 Democratic candidates if they win the nomination and run against the dumpster, because I love our country and I’m not stupid. Having said that, a few stand out to me because of their philosophy, priorities, plans and ways to accomplish them. Joe Biden, the leader, touts his biggest advantage as being able to beat Trump. The polls agree, but I want someone with a presidential agenda, too. Bernie has a clear philosophy but no action plans. Warren, Harris, Buttigieg and Castro have a clear vision I support. Maybe others, too, as I learn more.”

“I read in the paper where Athens is a distressed area, Athens County. Then I see in the Friday (Athens) Messenger that you’ve got the Carthage Township Trustees not wanting a stone quarry company coming into Athens County, in Carthage Township. The Trustees are against this. What is wrong with our county Commissioners not wanting a stone company in, and not working with the Township Trustees of Carthage Township to get this stone company to come here. It would mean more taxes for the township, better roads, better equipment for the employees, and better living wages. It’s bad that our county officials won’t let a man bring a stone company in because a couple of people don’t want it.” 

Editor’s note: The quarry in question has a permit application pending before the appropriate division of the Ohio Department of Natural Resources. The Athens Messenger report stated that county and trustee officials have limited authority to stop a permitted quarry. Carthage County residents near the proposed project are concerned about the effect of heavy-truck traffic on rural roads not designed for that sort of traffic, the Messenger article of June 28 reported. 

“What's with the rude and bad tippers at the hospital and police stations? I hear delivery drivers from multiple restaurants say they get less than a dollar from all of these places. You think they would be a little nicer to the people bringing them food while they work but I guess they think they're better than everyone else. Such professionals in this town!”

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