“It’s very difficult for our students to study in a study hall where the adviser does nothing but yell and shush. Students with anxiety have no chance to be as relaxed as possible when they are studying.” 

“Progress toward legal medical cannabis has at its core always been citizen driven. For OU to remove its prohibition of medical marijuana, our next step is to pass the Strengthening the Tenth Amendment Through Entrusting States Act (STATES Act) in Congress. With both Republican and Democratic sponsors, this will amend the Controlled Substances Act and restrict federal enforcement against state-legal cannabis activity, a significant move toward federal decriminalization. This means that universities and other state institutions can recognize state-legal use without risking the ire of federal law or jeopardizing existing federal funding. Now is the time. Call Sens. Portman and Brown today.”


“With few exceptions, in this country, we do not have health care because it’s not about health or care. We have a medical business because it’s about the money. Doctors don’t even talk about ‘curing’ disease anymore; they call it disease management. We don’t want you to get well; you’ll stop giving us money. And if you don’t have money, we will let you die, while the people and equipment that could save you sit idle, waiting for a paying customer. Worse, if you’re insured, they’ll risk YOUR life with unnecessary procedures to get the money. How broken is that?”

“I was sorry to see the ‘Athens Voice’ comment in the May 20 edition regarding someone’s unhappiness with the self-check out lanes at local grocery stores. I absolutely love them. I can be sure I bag my groceries the way I want them bagged (frozen stuff together, balance heavy and light stuff, etc.), but most of all, I can be sure the correct prices come up. I’m unable to do that in the regular lines when I’m trying to put the groceries up from my cart while the cashier is already scanning them. Plus she does it quickly, so even if my groceries are already up, it’s not easy to check. You wouldn’t believe how many times I’ve checked my receipt in the past and found errors. I bet I go to the service desk for adjustments at least three times per month. For those of you that assume your prices are ringing up correctly, I highly suggest you start checking your receipt.”

“You think Baker and Enlow roads are bad? All county roads are in bad shape, mine included. Mine even has a slip that’s been that way for years. The township roads are in better shape, even paved (not chip and seal). Complaining gets you nowhere. Join the club.”

“Any council member voting against the Athens-Hocking Recycling Center, a local nonprofit, needs to be voted out. Either commit to your community or get out.” 

“This comment is being written on Thursday, May 23. It will likely (hopefully) be a moot point by today (Thursday, May 30). There seems to have absolutely no ‘paving activities’ at the East State Street/U.S. Rt. 33 intersection this week. Not Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or today. The road was ‘scraped’ last week. Who (if anyone) is in charge of this mess?”

“In light of childish blame games, it seems reasonable to remind Athenians that Congress passes laws, including infrastructure bills. If Congress has put together a great bipartisan bill that is good for the American people, they should vote and pass it. If the president were to veto, simply override the veto by voting again for something so great. Make no mistake, legislation is the responsibility of Congress. The approval of President Trump is not required to Make America Great Again.” 

“It’s like the whole country (and much of the world) has been sucked into Trump’s sick drama, 

similar to how someone with severe and untreated mental illness can define and corrode everything that happens in a household. We’ve all become inured to the constant dysfunctional drama surrounding this president, and fixate on each new chapter. In this national ‘household,’ the dirty dishes pile up, the lawn never gets mowed, dust covers everything, appliances never get fixed, while we stare in abject fear, waiting for the next stupid, ugly, corrupt thing he’s going to do. I long for that day when we can emerge into the fresh air after this long and dirty nightmare of dysfunction.” 

“Trump would never let the portrait of Harriet Tubman on the $20 bill. He wouldn’t let any woman on any currency. All he cares about is below the neckline.”

“So The Athens NEWS reported that the police report they requested indicated a Hocking football player was arrested for the recent incident reported to have occurred on the Hocking College campus where two students were injured! It was also reported that assault charges were dismissed in Municipal Court! How does that happen? Did the assault not take place or was the fact it even occurred just more so called ‘fake news’?”

“I’m a bit miffed that Terry Smith would joke about voting for a Court Street brick over Trump. That’s no joke. If a Court Street brick were to run for president, we should all vote for that brick.”

“I’d vote for a squashed cockroach over Donald Trump.”

“Some grocery stores do better than others in catering to their patrons. Those who do the best cater to all shoppers, including shoppers who purchase only a few items, by having express lanes for them if necessary, and also for those shoppers with lots of items, by having enough lanes open to accommodate them all. And keeping many lanes open provides jobs for our community. That’s why I don’t use self-check lanes.”

“The end is near! No, actually the end is right here.”

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