“How or why is it that those holding 9 to 5 jobs tend to be the most politically apathetic yet tend to hold positions that generate the greater number of problems for everyone else?” 

“How long do you think it will take for the low-bid waste contractor to decide to sell their low-bid business to a large waste contractor? And by that time AHRC will be downsized in personnel and equipment to the point it cannot resume large-scale waste-management services to Athens without substantial loans to rebuild. They probably would never recover. The Athens city administration has lost connection with the community.” 

“Local papers showed pictures of the OU dorms being torn down. I just have one question: Why wasn’t the furniture removed first? I’m an embarrassed OU employee and infuriated Athens citizen. Apparently the Sustainability Office is just a blanket to cover the university’s ass and make it look good.”

“Pretty obvious Athens city administrators don’t have a great deal of pride in their own community, not when the back-door method of dismantling Athens Hocking Recycling Centers serves as evidence. Nothing says we don’t care more than putting race-to-the-bottom mentality in search of the lowest possible price ahead of a community’s desire to pursue and more fully achieve sustainability. Too many times city administrators rear their heads, only to prove how lackluster, non-inventive and non-constructive they are. Time for change. This time Athens should seek those with actual leadership skills rather than simply in possession of a Rahm Emanuel coloring book.”

“Maybe Waste Away waste management charges cheaper rates for trash pickup then Rumpke or the AHRC. Maybe they have recycling programs. I don’t see why people are having a fit about AHRC losing the contract. These progressive liberals sure do want to keep the prices of things high for us, the taxpayers and residents of the city of Athens.”

“Starting to carry reusable shopping bags for groceries? Great! I just read plastic grocery bags take 300-500 years to degrade. How long do you think those super-strong plastic garbage bags we put at the curb each week last?”

“Can OU please honor the class of 1948 and restore the drinking fountain on the east side of Chubb Hall. This class needs to be honored, and it’s a great place to get a drink or water the dog.”

“I was listening to ATN (American Trucking Network) this weekend, and they were remarking how some of these kids nowadays don’t know what Memorial Day is, or what it’s for. They just figure it’s a three-day holiday. And I was like, OK, I can see their point, but then I witnessed it first-hand on Memorial Day itself. I walked out of Blue Eagle and saw some kid wearing a Hawaiian shirt and sunglasses, looked like a college kid. He went over to the Pigskin and tried to get in, and when he couldn’t he said something like ‘oh, no, I think I’m going to die.’ My response to him was, ‘dude, it’s Memorial Day, the day we honor the soldiers who die,’ and then walked off.”

“So I see that Kroger will be phasing out plastic shopping bags over the next six years. That’s great, and I applaud that move. But what I’m wondering is – does anyone know a realistic alternative to small plastic bags for disposing of cat litter? Paper bags aren’t a good option, and just dumping the stuff in the vacant lot next door is just, well, ugh.”

“You have to love spring in Southeast Ohio, when the ear shattering cacophony of snow machines gives way to the mind-numbing ceaseless thrum of lawnmowers.”

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