“Dear pathetic person openly burning trash in The Plains. It’s against the law.”

“Friday, Sept. 6, at 9 a.m. on Rock Riffle Road near Clark’s Chapel. To the person driving the pickup with a trailer holding a lawnmower. Who were you trying to kill that morning? Would it be the cyclist you nearly ran off the road? Or was it the oncoming traffic when you went left of center? Cyclists, by law, have just as much right to the road and you needed to yield.”

“I would like to thank everyone who takes trash they see out of the recycling as well as recycling out of the trash. Every bit helps!”

“Athens city government needs more accountability, not more sycophants who are willing to outsource their agency to the mayor, Democratic Party, landlords and the university. If this community is serious about diversifying our city’s economy, addressing inequality, practicing sustainability (in budgeting and consumption), and bringing more of our citizens into the decision-making process, then I strongly urge you to vote for the independents in this race. These candidates are not pushovers and will do what’s best for everyone, not just the rich and well-connected.” 

“Casinos are for elegant, sophisticated gamblers, some of whom wear adult diapers so they don’t have to stop gambling to go to the bathroom.” 

“What do you mean Follett’s is closing? It was one of three bookstores in all of Athens. I much prefer physical bookstores to shopping for E-books online; the latter lacks a certain I don’t know what.” 

“Steve Patterson has been a great mayor for Athens. He works hard, supports any number of progressive community projects and businesses, and has the support of a wide cross-section of voters.” 

“Regarding anonymous and spurious claims in the ‘Athens Voice’ of ‘name-calling’ during City Council’s Sept. 3 meeting, the only extraordinary behavior found is Damon Krane’s polite, calm, deliberate and “professional” demeanor, factually assessing an extensive problem dismissed for decades. As little freaks out Athens’ closet conservatives and trolls more than a social democrat running for public office, such falsification and abuse will continue at The Athens NEWS up to and beyond Nov. 5, or until staff chooses to curb the practice. ‘The Voice’ poster owes an apology to the entire city of Athens.”

“Last week Donald Trump asserted presidential privilege over the weather. Next week it will be the heavens. Most just wish he’d stumble across a black hole.”

“For those of you that have cats of your own, or kindly put food out for strays and ferals, I beseech you to try your best to make sure any you are in contact with are spayed or neutered. I recently moved back to Athens after being gone for 30 years, and I have noticed that the town in inundated with cats (I have a special fondness towards felines), and without any shelter for them, the problem is very difficult to control. Thankfully, the Humane Society has an agreement with the Rascal Unit in Columbus, and they come down several days/month to provide inexpensive (compared to a regular vet) spaying/neutering and shots. You can find more information at the Humane Society website.”

“I like how the supporters of the socialist mayoral and City Council challengers are acting as if predatory and negligent landlords are a new thing in Athens. It’s been this way since Manasseh Cutler refinished his stables for student rentals in 1805."

"This is an institutional problem in a college town, and has persisted through the decades with both good and bad mayoral administrations. While there’s nothing wrong with calling for more action to address the problem, it’s not fair to suggest that the mayor has resources that current and former City Councils and their voting constituents have not chosen to give him.”  

“Before all the moaning, groaning and bellyaching about AI (Artificial Intelligence) being experimented with in southeast Ohio, let me say hooray for progress! I’ve observed enough so-called Human Intelligence on the roads to swear off it forever. Anyone who has played dodge ’em on Ohio Rt. 32 between Athens and Jackson will agree. Here’s a four-lane highway with a speed limit of 60, yet I’d love to have a dollar for every blockhead who pulls out in front of me (with no other cars in sight behind me). Just last week a fellow was damn near killed when someone T-boned him at Ohio Rt. 160. Artificial Intelligence has to beat whatever is going on in people’s gourds.”

“I think that the county engineer, since they’re buying new trucks and equipment, should at the very least donate the old equipment he’s getting rid of to the poor townships in the area. We have a lot of poor townships in Athens County. We should give them an opportunity to get that equipment donated to them or whatever.” 

“If the gnat is so lowly, how is it despite all your flapping that you still can’t fly?” 

“It’s almost comical how many people are hand-wringing about perceived ‘incivility’ toward the slumlord crisis. Athens’ working poor are forced to live in horrific, even potentially fatal conditions, but the so-called liberals of Athens are more outraged over ‘mean’ language than the do-nothing attitude from the slumlord enablers in City Council. I’m far more concerned our City Council is bought out by the slumlords than I am certain candidates get a bit heated. You have to wonder if it’s the slumlords themselves writing this nonsense!”

“We live in an interesting world. One dollar can buy you a few sips of coffee – or a song that can greatly improve your quality of life.”

“What is going on in Nelsonville? A disabled woman being targeted by the leader of City Council? Is this what politics has come to? I hope that town rallies around her. Sounds like a good personal interest story for A-News to me!”

“A neo-con is a once liberal who drank too much of the visiting team’s Kool-Aid.”

“Down here at the bottom, the weight of the world is oppressive. Please lift me up so I can fly like an eagle. Or at least put me on page 5.”

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