“I see all the wailing and gnashing of teeth over the intersection of Johnson Road and Rt. 33. Not long ago it was Radford Road and Rt. 32/50 and prior to that, it was Blackburn and Rt. 32/50. Are we just chasing the most recent mortality?” 

“I was a Democrat, but after the ‘decriminalize opiates for personal use’ conversation, I have to say I'm not interested in the ‘donkey’ party anymore. The reason the donkey is used was satire put in place by Andrew Jackson, a president, slave owner and enemy of the American Indian. He thought it would be a good way to respond to being called a jackass by his political opposition, to simply adopt the moniker. What stood true back then unfortunately stood true on Tuesday night. Bye bye, donkey party.”

“Any seated or aspiring politician or administrator, or advocacy group of any sort enmeshed in municipal politics, who endorses tax dollars being spent for any purposes other than maintenance, carbon debt reduction and the rare life-or-limb amendment or necessity is an individual or group sufficiently incompetent or self-serving as to be adjudicated as incompetent relative to serving the needs of present and future generations. No one should be elected, appointed or allowed to tinker with taxpayer dollars if they lack a realistic, shovel-ready, zero-to-350 carbon-levelizing program. No exceptions. No questions. No whining.”

“Hey, City Council members and candidates, stop trying to leverage your community service for votes. It's supposed to be just that, service, not a way to guarantee yourself a seat at the table.”

“Here's a reliable method of determining which issue/person to vote for: First – Don't believe any of the BS. Second – Collect up all the mailers you receive leading up to the election. Make a mental note of how many TV or radio ads you see for or against whatever. The night before the election, sit down with the pile, and sort each into candidate or issue, for or against. If you have multiple fliers/ads from one side, and few or none from the other, you know which side big money is on. Make your choices accordingly.”

“My boy fought in Iraq. When he heard what happened to the Kurds he said, ‘Dad, I feel dirty.”

“Homecoming Weekend is the absolute most vile weekend of them all. I get it; let’s party and remember our college days and go Bobcats! Is it only considered a good time if you drink yourself to near death or soil yourself in public, or pass out on the sidewalk, or vomit in a restaurant at your table, or walk out in front of a moving car, or get a DUI, or assault someone while blacked out? I can’t accept that this is just pure ‘fun.’” 

“How would you feel if some group of rich outsiders came into your area, and used their money to swing the election to their preferred candidate? Isn't that what political parties do? I've long said that one running for election needs to run on their own reputation, and not with somebody else's money.”

“In a tight-knit community, the problem with demonizing your political opponent is that many, many people know your opponent personally, and if he or she is well liked, the demonization is just going to bounce back negatively on you. It’s not a winning strategy.” 

“Time to arm up before the liberals take our weapons. We are going to need them after Pelosi's coup happens and us Real Americans need to start hunting liberals for Trump.”

Editor’s note: Real Americans don’t advocate violence over differences of political opinion (or joke about the same). If they do, they’re traitors, not real Americans. TS

“As the demise of Hocking College continues to occur, I just want to thank those on the ground where the rubber meets the road who have diligently continued to help students. Namely the Trio program and the Academic Success Center staff.”

“I wonder if Matt Lauer developed his ‘rapey’ ways while a Bobcat.”

“Why is it permissible for the Trump clan to profit off of their last name and not Hunter Biden? Why is anyone finding this acceptable? Conservatives and liberals both need to be speaking out about this right now, but the asinine behavior of our president is yet again getting in the way of people working together. Wonder what the final death toll of our soldiers remaining in Syria will be compared to Benghazi. And why is that such a big deal, but responsibility for the Cambodian Genocide isn't? Conservatives don't practice accountability any more than liberals.” 

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