“Wait... Chauncey Village Council is thinking about sensible zoning measures? This after the Dover Township Trustees rejected smart zoning plans that would have covered Chauncey and the entirety of the township? Go figure.”

“So for ORCA to function effectively, it now needs a salaried executive director? If the receipts don’t exist to secure the Baileys bond, from where does the revenue come to support that position? How much will such a position shave off the top?”

“Maybe we should rename West Washington Street ‘Murderers’ Row.’”

“Just because it was 73 degrees on Saturday doesn’t prove climate change. Actually, it’s the exception to the rule that proves the opposite!”

“Only President Trump could make Democrats publicly support a terrorist and denounce the United States of America!”

“The scariest driving experience in Athens: Coming down the hill on U.S. Rt. 33 into Athens as you approach the Rt. 33/Rt. 50 interchange from the northwest. If your route requires continuing on the Athens bypass rather than getting off on East State or Stimson, and your timing is off, you have to merge into two lanes of accelerating traffic coming up the on-ramp from East State. The good news is that four out of five times, the timing is right and those cars aren’t coming. The other times… hold on to your hat!”

“Is it not a conflict of interest that Athens Mayor Steve Patterson and county Commissioner Lenny Eliason are both on the ORCA board yet advocating for using dollars they control for this project? And a salaried executive director? For a bike trail on national forest land?”

 “What's you are referring to is a personal conflict of interest, where these individuals would personally benefit. What you describe is not a personal conflict of interest. They represent jurisdictions that would benefit from this project, so advocating for it is exactly what they should be doing.”

“Didn’t Obama love taking out terrorists with drones? Even bragged about it... Hmmmm.”

 “My favorite part of The Athens NEWS is the ‘Athens Voice,’ but when I read that section in the Thursday, Jan. 9 edition, I was astounded. The anger and vitriol left me speechless. Why don't we all take a deep breath, close our eyes, and dream of rainbows and unicorns – and SMILE. It will change your life.”

“Hey, seniors! Time to cross items off your Senior Year Bucket List: 1. Perform at Open Mic Night…”

“Every region on Earth manages to find a way to romanticize its past. Southeast Ohio romanticizes the coal and brick industries and occasionally its canalized transportation. But having the ability to look forward and pre-write the romanticism of future decades, one has to ask how the shiny, happy, courageous picture will be painted in light of doing nothing or too little too late to prevent the inhumane side of global warming.”

“I don't care enough to take offense to petty insults.” 

“I don’t understand capitalism. For a little over $2, I can buy a small cup of coffee that I will consume in 15 minutes, while for under $2, I can buy and download a great song that I can listen to for the rest of my life.”

Editor’s note: Or for free (other than a short commercial every half hour or so), you can listen to as much music of your own choosing for as long as you like. TS

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