“Thank you, Joe Burrow! I'm a single mom in Athens County, and support all the needs of two children with disabilities and myself all on my own. The Food Bank has really helped me because going without is a reality. On my own, I live in poverty as a public school teacher with a low fixed income and extremely high uncovered health-care costs. Christmas is skinny, and I eat what is left over or go without. I serve kids who are struggling worse than I am. I'm grateful that this economic gap is now recognized. Thank you Joe!” 

“If I didn't send money to school with my child to go to the holiday shop, it is not your place to give them money. Let me be the parent. The kids are supposed to be going to school for an education. I'll take them shopping.”

“Question for The Market on State: Why were the front doors to the mall locked at 5:45 p.m. Sunday Dec. 8, 2019? Do you have new hours? I couldn't get in for a take-out order at Kiser's.”

“The solutions to OU’s budget crisis are obvious but require leadership (not management) and backbone. Eliminate Division I sports. (But promote athletics.) Significantly downsize Student Affairs and other questionable ‘service providing’ units. Eliminate silly academic programs (e.g., Women/Gender) and purposeless, murky hybrid-units (e.g., Global Affairs). Focus (laser-like) on providing academic-driven education, for example, by encouraging professors to deliver rigorous and demanding courses. (Hold students to high expectations.) Invest in the Humanities. Prospective students/parents are today searching for high-quality education – not gimmicks.”

“Next year can we have a Most Disgusting Kitchen in town category for the Best of Athens awards? I can think of a particular local facility that would take the cake.” 

“When I read ‘The Athens Voice,’ my ears grow long like Pinocchio's. We talk like puppets. Our ancestry is further along than not connected. Maybe the puppet is real and the boy, too! So beware of puppet-hood. Music of spheres!” 

 “I am going to take the high road and not call Trump and his supporters (yes, Jim Jordan) the deplorables that they are. (See what I just did there?)”

“I am sick of the City of Athens and Athens County increasing taxes and surcharges. Yes, the sewer system improvement is mismanaged but we have to pay for it. The water lines are antiquated; Gibbs convinces school board members and blind supporters that we need to tear down and build new schools; City Council members think a new bike path is a good idea. Where does it stop? Homeowners and taxpayers are not the cash cow! It won't take much more to make me want to sell and move out of Athens.”

“What a still life, dead wood voice comment on the Bailey Run trails near Chauncey. Trade, tourism and hiking will circulate with Bailey trails. Our minds and bodies won't survive the echo names and will perish into still dead life.”

“Welcome to the Senate Impeachment Trial - the only event in American jurisprudence that allows the jury foreman to ‘completely coordinate’ with the defense team on its strategy, and the defendant is actually permitted to bribe individual jurors with the promise of campaign cash from his own war chest. Yup, exactly as the Founding Fathers had envisioned it, I'm sure.”

“What is it about our local community that when government leaders take the initiative to make a plausible gamble on something good and progressive (the bike path 20 years ago, the Baileys Trail System now) that loud, angry voices rise up in an effort to kill the effort and condemn those putting it forward. And usually it’s the same people, the social media and comment section loudmouths. Fortunately, hardly anybody listens to them.” 

“The biggest threat to food security is the lack of reasonable paying jobs in Athens County. All we get is promises of jobs that are never fulfilled. Like the Athens County Port Authority's claim of building new buildings in the Industrial park to attract new businesses, or the claim from several years ago for the 25,000 that would be created in five years. Sorry old timers, coal and shoe manufacturing jobs are never coming back.”

“Instead of a swear jar, I think that anyone who uses the term ‘rutter’ as a discriminatory, ruthless, derogatory categorization of a human being should have to donate $1,000 to the food bank. Yes, I realize that economically deprived kids use it among themselves as a coping tool because it has been undeniably a label they are powerless to control. It's time for the privileged who use this word to perpetuate classism to stop. Southeast Ohio is impoverished; kids are starving. Give and lift up those in need – tearing people down with a word does not make you better.” 

“Looking at the extensive national coverage of the Joe Burrow-inspired fundraising drive to raise money for the Athens County Food Bank, you can’t help noticing the news media repeatedly and incorrectly conflating Athens city with Athens County. The county is the entity where poverty statistics are so high; the city isn’t that poor, and even the available statistics showing higher than average poverty rates in the city are skewed since they count many Ohio University students who don’t have much income while they attend college. Bottom line, however, there’s many small cities in Ohio – in America – that would cut off their right arm to have a such a reliable economic engine as OU at the center of their local economy.”

“IMAGINE: a day when college coaches have a $60,000 a year budget and food pantries have a half million dollar contract.”

“If Athens can pay $90,000 a year for a bike trail, do you think they could get somebody to come in earlier than 7 a.m. to clean up Union Street, when people are going up and down long before that to get to work.”

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