“The most funky thing about Athens is its pervasive undercurrent of self-censure, whether it be to maintain or attain social inclusion, political parity or economic adequacy.”

“The Johnson Run mine is a great idea. It will provide dozens of jobs for a few years. After the mine shuts and the tailings piles and basins start to leach into the creeks some liberals will pay to clean it up. They always do. Worker health problems won’t show up until long after the company changes hands and can’t be sued. Coal company motto – take the wealth and leave the problems for the yokels.”

 “I guess I thought the vending permits were for food but the socialist candidate is vending potatoes and himself. In fact, from the backside of his truck, you can’t even tell there is any food being sold. Can you be more narcissist?”

“So, do I understand this correctly? My friend and I want to attend a movie at 5 p.m., and let’s say it’s 110 minutes in length. We want to buy popcorn, and of course there will be ads before the movie starts, so we probably need at a minimum two hours and 15 minutes. From what I understand from the city, the only place we can park in town is in the parking garage where the upper floors (not the first floor) have meters that allow for parking longer than two hours. Otherwise, if parked on the street, the car must be moved (rather than just feeding the meter, which in itself, would be an interruption from our movie anyway). Seems so crazy that I have only one choice for parking.”

Editor’s note: After 5 p.m. many Ohio University campus lots are open for parking, with signage explaining their status for after-hours parking. Some are quite close to uptown. However, that wouldn’t help someone who needs to park before 5. Two or three blocks from uptown, free on-street parking spots are sometimes available, though you can’t always count on that. TS

“Don’t forget you can take your recyclables to the mixed recycling receptacle at the Athens’ Richland Avenue Fire Department parking lot." 

“If you don’t want trash burning in The Plains then get some sort of government out there. Bigger than most communities in Athens County and still not a village or city. Ridiculous.” 

“I’d like to suggest another forum format in addition to ‘The Voice’ and call it ‘Happy Voices’ or ‘Positive Voices’ or ‘No Bitching Allowed Here.’ Geez.”

“Many people are working two or three near-minimum-wage jobs and barely making it. Perhaps they should investigate to see which major political party is more likely to raise the minimum wage and vote accordingly.” 

“Trump: ‘Knowing all of this, is anybody dumb enough to believe that I would say something inappropriate with a foreign leader while on such a potentially “heavily populated” call?’ ME ME ME OH OH OH ME ME ME ME, Mr. President.” 

“Regarding: ‘It’s been this way since Manasseh Cutler refinished his stables for student rentals in 1805.’ That ambiguously odious remark all but lays charge that Cutler was a predatory landlord. It also implies such practices have long been accepted and ignored in Athens, as should those who draw attention to them be ignored today. The same has been said of the caste system and slavery. Such remarks serve only the interests of reactionary conservatives, ‘conservatives,’ closet conservatives, slumlords, and perhaps a mayor in a re-election bid who has allowed slumlord predation to continue unabated throughout his term.” 

“Why is The Athens NEWS not covering the exposure of neglect of our region by JobsOhio and APEG? Jay Edwards is bringing to light the fact that money designed to develop jobs is not being distributed fairly to southeast Ohio. I would think The A-News would be all over this newsworthy story! If our previous representative had caught on to this, she would have received so much coverage perhaps it would have been addressed much sooner. Could it be a political decision by The A-News not to let Jay win any support?”

Editor’s note: It’s simple math. Lots of stories that could be done, not enough reporters to do them. We’ll do as many as we can, but we can’t do everything. Coverage decisions happen as a result of a variety of prosaic factors, rather than any conspiracy or vendetta, as much as some supporters of area politicians (or the politicians themselves) would like to imagine otherwise. TS  

“Athens has become (and maybe always was?) a cesspool for pretentious hipsters. What does it mean to be hip and why do so many who associate themselves with underground indie music and arts strive for it? Is it some kind of worthy cause or a self-absorbed infatuation with appearance and sense of belonging? Is art beyond ironic fashion, beards and sleeve tattoos? Please, local artists, dig us out of this stagnation of imagination.”

“While the ‘vigorous and rigorous exchange of ideas’ must take place between a minimum of two people and with not less than two ideas, there is no requirement whatsoever that either within each set differ from the other in perspective or polarity. That it must is a myth of our own making, exploited with increasing frequency.”

“Dennis Powell’s agglomeration of conspiracy theories, facts, distractions and myths related to vaping, when run through the kitchen blender and crazy glued back together as they were, was perfectly irresponsible and in the grand tradition of jaundiced journalism. At the time it was written until the present, no definitive or reliable circumstantial causes for more than 530 hospitalizations and eight deaths have been established. Only known for certain is they are vaping related and vaping REDUCES by as much as 28% any success smokers previously had in giving up cigarettes, a form of profit stop-loss for tobacco investors.”


“If there is one carrot cake on the counter, yet it is multiplied zero times, there should still be one carrot cake on the counter.” 

“Public universities by their very nature are a form of activism, which royally chafes the conservative butt. Knowledge has always been withheld by appointed and self-ordained blue bloods.” 

“While The Athens NEWS reported the number of protesters outside Galbraith Chapel last Monday as ‘roughly 75,’ in response to the university’s guest speaker openly supportive of misnomered ‘right-to-work’ legislation and adjudication, no mention was made of the number in attendance, or of any discussion with an audience throughout or in a post-presentation Q&A. Would The Athens NEWS please fill in those blanks?”

“You can lead a horse to water and as its options become increasingly limited, you can be certain it will eventually drink.”

“In regards to Central Avenue, I don’t know who came up with the striping solution to the traffic control problem but they should be instantly fired. Their immediate supervisor should quit in disgrace. Whoever hired their supervisor should post an apology on public media. I was born and raised in Athens over 65 years ago, and have never seen a more ill-thought-out, ignorant answer to a traffic problem in my whole life. If there is any property damage or bodily injury caused by this unintelligible remedy to a basically simple problem, someone should be held accountable.”

“Small-town politics bring back old sayings. Anyone see the showdown at Nelsonville City Council meeting Monday night? As my Grandpa used to say, that man was taken out behind the woodshed! And it wasn’t a wasted trip; good going lady.”

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