“Thank you, city of Athens, for the new signs on Cable Lane. I'm sure that will save countless lives.”

“Athens has declared a climate emergency but they haven’t installed solar panels on every house or apartment in the city yet so this is a case of double-speak by the Athens City Council.”

“The Community Center doesn’t let student employees do homework during slow periods... great support of your minimum-wage workers.”

“I want to have faith that the A-News doesn’t take bribes, but the way that the abysmal performance of a certain prominent and expensive city employee goes uncovered is a crime to journalism.” 

Editor’s note: We’re not sure  (i.e., have no idea) whom you’re talking about, but we also haven’t seen any bribes. TS

“I feel that I wasted my vote by voting for Peter Kotses this past November. He should have disclosed his intentions to the electorate beforehand that he intended to run for county treasurer and could only complete part of his term on City Council if elected.”

“OU enrollment drops – again. Spring Semester. Explanation from OU: Declining enrollment ‘is not just in Ohio but within the national landscape.' (Hey, it’s not our fault.) International student enrollment has decreased 36 percent since 2014. Explanation from OU: ‘International students have more choices now and, dangit, international student recruitment is “challenging.”’ (Hey, it's not our fault.) [Note: international student enrollment in the U.S. has increased since 2014.]...” 

"Trump is ‘orders of magnitude worse than Clinton’? Come’on, Terry... The man made an intern, unable to consent, do sexual acts that can’t even be put into a newspaper. The acts were better fit to be talked about in a smut magazine. And did so in the Oval Office while married with children in the house. Gave the famous ‘dipped cigars’ out to pervert friends of his. (Epstein probably even got a few.) So Mr. Morals, what’s your story about that? Apples to Oranges. Worst comparison ever. Makes me question your morals.” 

"‘The big news is that Melania has put Trump on a diet so he loses five pounds a week. In a year, we’ll be rid of him entirely.’ – Garrison Keillor.”

“During his State of The Union speech, Donald Trump painted a picture of a perfect world that he is responsible for. It doesn’t describe the state of the United States that is. He wrapped himself in the American flag, Mom and apple pie, falling just short of saying  that Mother Teresa, the Pope and Martin Luther King would all approve. My ‘fact-checking’ says what a masterful con job. Unfortunately, people do drink Kool-Aid.”

“After the State of the Union address, Nancy Pelosi ripped up the crossword puzzle she had been working on. She considered it a better use of her time than listening to Donald Trump.”

“After reading Ms. Bernstein's column, I was shocked and appalled to see that she's actually a professor. That was one of the most watered-down, hysterical regurgitations of globalist establishment BS I've ever heard. So much for unbiased objectivity and critical thinking. I used to think we were doomed, but thankfully Americans are smart enough to propel Trump to the biggest reelection landslide in history!” 

 “Who will Trump award the Presidential Medal of Freedom to next? Rudy Giuliani, Mitch McConnell, group award to all the Senate Republicans who voted to acquit him? Probably not Mitt Romney or John Bolton.”

“I want to remind OU students to stay safe at night and not get hit by cars. It’s dark out, lots of you wear dark clothing, and some of you jaywalk. I myself have almost hit three students – that’s one too many.”

“Everyone should ride the bus, at least once. I caught Athens Public Transit #4 on a miserable cold rainy night on Feb. 6, at 7:24 to be exact. The driver, Jeff Workman, greeted me and acknowledged that he hadn’t seen me in a while: I'm a regular. I was tired and frustrated from the previous few days of politics, as UNUSUAL. A Chinese woman on the bus said ‘Jeff, can you please play some beautiful Chinese music?’ And he did. It was a beautiful thing. I will sleep well tonight.” 

“As if we needed a reminder, Trump’s ‘victory lap’ rants cement why he needs to go as soon as possible, allowing us to power wash the inside and outside of the White House with copious amounts of bleach.”

“Since President Trump has been acquitted, is the coup attempt over? Or will there be more to come?” 

“Fifty years ago we had Tricky Dick (Nixon) committing his crimes; today we have Tricky Trump. The difference now is that spineless Republicans (with one admirable exception) value their high-paying jobs more than the integrity and viability of our democratic republic. The GAO determined that withholding Congress-appropriated aid IS a crime, but that crime is only the tip of the iceberg formed by Tricky Trump's transgressions… Watching Tricky Trump's and his enablers' abominable actions unfold, I finally understand how Hitler rose to power. Never got it before.”

 “If you have your votes counted by proprietary software, there will be cheating. It really is that simple. Until we fix that, the houses will all stay red.”

“The current situation at OU is nothing more than a power grab by the administration. Bloated salaries in the name of ‘student affairs’ have ruined the educational mission of the school in favor of a caste system that enriches family and friends with no regard to qualifications or purpose of the position.” 

“Great that Athens City Council is taking on climate change. But get all the facts! Check out this incredibly informative, i.e. life-changing video on YouTube: ‘Caught on Camera, Military Geoengineering Jets Spraying Over U.S. This is via Dane Wiginton, a brave soul, not afraid to speak out."

“Sheriff Rodney Smith and Prosecutor Keller Blackburn should both be thrown out of office. After several years and hundreds of thousands of dollars, hard-drug trafficking and use are still rampant in the county. We either need new people or a new approach because we are wasting our money.”

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