“Well, I'm white but I'm not male or rich. I have a nice bike but I don't own a $10K ATV or a $50K truck. I invest in what makes me happy and am happy when others do the same.”

“Can anyone tell me when the county is going to fix the place on Baker Road where the road fell in? How long has it been… a year now? I’m sure if you would ask Lee Township for some help, it would be done by the end of the week! You don’t see things like that on there roads.”

“After two historical weeks of impeachment hearings, during which straight-arrow career diplomats and others offered searing testimony confirming our president’s misdeeds, while he continued a campaign of blatant obstruction of Congress and witness intimidation before our very eyes, public opinion polling, if anything showed a dwindling of support for impeachment, and an uptick in popularity for the president. This is further evidence that we’re in a post-truth America in which a political party and its president have free reign to destroy all of the institutions that we hold dear. Farewell, America, it was nice knowing you.”

“Collegiate education as we know it was destroyed by the Healthcare and Education Act of 2010. The moment the government took control of student loans, schools increased tuition. Sadly, the timing ultimately will be the downfall of the current American higher education system. Barring professions that require licensure, all other degrees are worth less than the paper they are printed on, and thousands of times more information is available on the Internet. Who needs a singular professor when you can have thousands from diverse backgrounds and cultures? College will be for gamblers and the wealthy. It is not worth the cost for most. #collegefootballbeerhazingpartyallonloan.”

“During the impeachment hearings Wednesday, Nov. 20, as Republicans attempted to mischaracterize and diminish the previous administration’s military assistance to the Ukraine as ‘blankets.’ The question must be asked. Were those non-blankets also laden with smallpox?”

“Asking women in Athens County what they think once each year, what a great idea and tradition! Does that mean going back to disregarding them the next 364 days?”

Editor’s note: We feel pretty good about devoting a whole special section to how local women, specifically, feel about things. The usual criticism we receive about WIAC is along the lines of ‘When are you going to do a special section about men?!’” TS

“Sad but true, since the 1980s Ohio University has been trending towards a country club to train the workforce of tomorrow rather than an educational institution designed to offer the children of the working people of Ohio an affordable education while at the same time directly competing with local private enterprises in housing, food and retail sales with the backing of state funding. The teaching mission has taken a back seat as tuition skyrockets. It is not surprising that students have been turned into customers and teachers to staff. Sad but true.”

“Supposedly, George Washington never told a lie; c'mon people, I gotta believe he must have told at least one. Donald Trump, on the other hand, has never told the truth, not even once. [Note to T.S.: My American Heritage Dictionary includes ‘c'mon’ and ‘gotta’ as legit words, albeit categorizing them both as ‘informal.’ Aside: ‘gotta’ and ‘gonna’ are the only contraction I know of that don’t include an apostrophe.]”

“Upon seeing the just-released design for East Elementary School, I am amazed that the leadership of Athens City Schools would design a building using a flat roof. This design is a waste of taxpayer money and is irresponsible stewardship of our tax dollars. Look at all the current building issues with their flat roofs. You would think the highest-paid administrators south of Columbus and our ‘educated’ School Board would be smarter than this.”

"Must we cry and play the race card every time. The NFL fined Mason the Rudolph Reindeer $50,000, more then an entire game check, for his role in the Cleveland Browns/Pittsburgh Steelers brawl in a recent game. Mason’s in his second year of his rookie deal with the Steelers so with his baseline salary of $658,267, his weekly check is $38,721.59. Yet Myles Garrett of the Browns, who is black, said that Mason Rudolph made racial slurs against him, and now Garrett is under indefinite suspension for his role and there’s no proof that Rudolph said anything racial.”

“The Athens County Fair Board abdicated its authority to ban the sale of Confederate flag merchandise and put the decision up for a vote of the Agricultural Society, who voted to continue sales of this racist symbol at our county fair. Dang, this state fought for the North; you can’t even hide behind “heritage.” It’s flat-out hate and asserting white supremacy. Recommendation: change the fair’s name to the Agricultural Society Fair. And why should 4H have anything to do with this regressive organization? Hate is not what we teach our kids. Let's move 4H to another venue.”

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