Editor’s note: With the general election inching closer, we will start screening election-related “Athens Voices” more closely, to avoid the potential for candidates or their allies to submit anonymous attacks on their opponents or glowing endorsements of themselves. Yes, this has happened in the past. TS

Editor’s note: We have a correction on this “Athens Voice” that ran last Thursday, Sept. 26:

“Don't forget you can take your recyclables to the mixed recycling receptacle at the Athens' Richland Avenue Fire Department parking lot.” It should have referred to the Richland Avenue Volunteer Fire Department on Hooper Road. The mistake was in editing. TS 

“It sure would be nice if the Athens-Hocking Recycling Center sent out an item list once a year or so, maybe something we could put on our refrigerator. I am very happy with their service, but it's often difficult to know if something can be recycled or not. For example, I recently wondered if the car oil container I had was recyclable. It had a recycling symbol on it, but it was not recyclable. I don't want to cause more work for the employees who have to sift through the items. I realize the list can't be all-inclusive, but at least it would be helpful.  I know they have a website, but I bet a lot of us may not take time to navigate it for an answer. A list would be helpful in my opinion.” 

Editor’s note: The home page for AHRC (www.athenshockingrecycle.org) does have a pretty good illustration showing what they’ll accept and what they won’t. But the general rule still applies – when in doubt, throw it out. TS

“Can someone please explain why the mayoral forum was held at the Athens Public Library in a room with a 70-person capacity? We had to turn around and go home because there weren't any seats. The Community Center would have been a more appropriate venue. To whoever plans these things: Please use your common sense next time.”

“Re: Ohio Rep. Edwards bemoaning the percentage of JobsOhio money coming to our region. The roughly $5.6 million invested here brought in more than his vote on HB 6 will, which uses hundreds of millions of our tax dollars to pay for failing power plants not even in our area. It smashes our growing local renewable industry in favor of corporate welfare and campaign contributions. Not to mention the negative impact on the environment. Spare us.”

“Time for a shake-up at the Athens County Board of Elections since they apparently don’t have any ethics. Hiring family and friends? Government officials know better. Further, the governing board should have known the practice in question was unethical, and all members of the board need replaced by the County Commissioners immediately. The Commissioners are abdicating their own duty if they fail to do so.”

“Re: Previous Voice post about leading horses to water: There are horses you can't even lead to water.” 

“Who are the slumlords paying to fix their rentals? Certified people or are they paying under the table to cut costs?”

“Board of Elections article. Hiring family members? Who do they think they are, OU culinary?”

“To lightly paraphrase Goethe, 'None are more hopelessly enslaved by conservativism than those who falsely believe they are liberal.’”

“VFW  Post 7174, ‘The Little Post That Still Cares,’ is gathering volunteers and resources to build a wheelchair ramp for a disabled Vietnam era veteran. Their efforts, along with other companies, will build an improved driveway and wheelchair ramp for the recent amputee allowing for him to remain living in his home. The build date will be announced when plans are finalized. If interested in volunteering or donating please contact Melissa Young-Keirns at 740-517-7848.”

“How is it that both Donald Trump and Fox News hosts have become so comfortable in their abuse of place anymore as to use the term ‘we’ in the all-inclusive context when each refers to the other?”

“You seem to believe there is no Yin to your Yang.”

“The Elections Board allowing its administrators to hire family is pure nepotism. They should all be sent packing. Do your job, County Commissioners!” 

“Kudos to the road crew who fixed the Richland Avenue bridge! But now how do we deal with the drag races happening at 3 a.m.? Speed bumps?”

“East State Street east of Rt. 33 is four lanes wide, with an additional center turn lane and bike lanes on each side. Once past the Community Center and swimming pool, it’s 95% businesses and almost no private homes. The city has been putting in left arrows on signals. It’s not a residential street. This road deserves to be 35 MPH. Everybody knows it. Everybody drives it. Raise the speed limit.” 

“Jesus wasn’t just a liberal. He was a progressive. Try flying that in a conservative church on Sunday and see who first reveals possession of concealed carry permit.”

“There oughta be a law, where each time someone refers to glamping as camping a dollar has to be deposited in the community swear jar.”

“Whatever Athens once had, it needs to check the lost and found.”

“Friday’s public meeting regarding permanent Farmers Market sighting at the Community Center was effectively bait and switch, heavily focused on campus development in conjunction with a near predetermined conclusion, The primary flaw is the landlord, who without an extensive, well-defined, visionary contract in place, in perpetuity, inclusive of indoor facility with full food service options, would largely dictate the manner in which the Farmers Market operates and grows, entirely contrary to the market’s best interests. While initially appearing convenient, the city’s least-cost option to honoring its long outstanding promise could readily prove to be the market’s worst-cost option.”

“There has to be an infestation of crickets in Washington, D.C. Why you ask? Over a week ago I wrote my representatives and asked two simple questions: Do you think it is appropriate for a sitting president to pressure a foreign leader into investigating a political rival? Should the president have the power to prevent a whistleblower complaint to congress? My representatives are U.S. Rep. Johnson, Sen. Brown and Sen. Portman. Not only have I asked once, I have sent a second request. What have I heard from our elected officials? CRICKETS.” 

“Conservatives don’t have an invariable aversion to change. It’s the Canadian coins they find to be most bothersome.”

"The king is a fink!" 

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