“The argument that the Baileys trail (Mountain Bike Trail System) will not have an economic impact on Athens city is ridiculous. Tourists to the area will be looking for lodging, restaurants and shopping in the nearest major municipality. So really, Athens wouldn't mind benefiting from the largesse, as long as they don't have to help pay for it. Is the city being run by Republicans now?”

“I believe it is safe to say that the Athens area considers itself to be liberal, open, and inclusive. But then there's that thing where you're over 50, and you apply for job after job with all of the area's handful of major employers (you know, the kind that pay an actual living wage), jobs for which you are more than qualified, and the response is zero. Not even an interview. Nothing. Is anyone else over 50 experiencing the same issue? Ageism, much? I suspect this has something to do with the proliferation of breweries in the area. No opportunities? Make beer!” 

Editor’s note: We don’t have that many craft breweries… three to be exact. Asheville, North Carolina, has 30, though to be fair, Asheville is a lot bigger than Athens. TS 

“The two first impeachment witnesses sounded like disgruntled employees whining about how their boss came in and took over their job and how disrespected they feel about it.”

“I would have to say on sighting the new Athens Central Hotel, it looks like an outsized white box, perhaps appropriate as a headquarters for aliens, but completely inappropriate in scale for maintaining Athens small-town charm.”

“Yes, Guysville letter writer, I too am disgusted and appalled. But not at a political cartoon in The Athens NEWS. My disgust comes from the behavior of a real person – for making fun of a person with a disability in front of a large audience, for disparaging a U.S. service veteran who served his country during wartime, for boasting about grabbing women in a totally inappropriate way – among other things. We would all be better off if he were just a cartoon character.”

“Someone who loses a municipal election 21 to 76 percent, or 571 votes to 2,074, should probably avoid suggesting that the results somehow were a consequence of low voter turnout. That's like blaming an upset stomach on sunspots.”

“Atmos Windaz! is the Declaration and Constitution, Wee… in order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity.”

“Ohio University wants to cut millions of bucks from its core reason for existing – educational programs. Perhaps Arts and Sciences should start a basketball team so they can get in on that gravy train. The university doesn't seem to have trouble finding money to build sports facilities and golf courses and pay high salaries for coaches.” 

“So, the tenured faculty at OU finally have realized the value of Group 2 (non-tenured) faculty members? After years of disdainfully looking down their noses at Group 2 faculty, tenured professors now realize (as they simultaneously realize that their teaching load will increase from three to four courses per year to five to six courses per year) that ‘many of these [Group 2] faculty members are among the institution’s most successful and award winning teachers’ (www.ou-aaup.org). Tenured faculty: welcome to teaching mega-sections (400-plus students) and online teaching (aka ‘babysitting Blackboard’). Your enlightenment: too little, too late.”

“In response to the many critics of OU’s handling of hazing: Don’t you realize that ‘female students allegedly were sitting on the laps of male students’?! Can’t you comprehend that the Marching 110 is guilty of ‘wearing [their] jackets, sliding through the mud ... and rolling around with the jackets on’?! Luckily, OU now has a system in place: ‘We urge anyone who witnessed hazing to report it.’ I further suggest we be on the lookout for flying girls: witches! Communists amongst us? Report them! Be warned: we have a ‘potentially escalating systemic culture’ (sic) on our hands.” 

“OU doesn't have a ‘budget crisis.’ OU has a ‘priority crisis’."

“All of those local well-connected real-estate speculators had plenty of money to scoop up properties at the proposed Baileys trailhead when the opportunity presented itself, and thus they should be well positioned financially to furnish the $1.8 million at issue to help support their investment. Athens city taxpayer money should be used to improve conditions in our own city, not to bail out private business interests for a project located outside of the city.”

“I would like to know why there are no repercussions for people getting food stamps, on welfare, and free medical, and they don’t have to work at all. They’re 38 years old, healthy, get (a generous cash allotment) and food stamps and medical, and I’m 67 years old, retired, have to work full time, and pay $142 per month for my Medicare just to have my medical. But if you’re on welfare, you get medical for free. Maybe everybody in Athens County should quit working and go on welfare. And don’t tell me there aren’t any jobs. You go down East State Street and there are signs all over the place ‘now hiring’…”

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