Editor’s note: Now that The Athens NEWS has gone to weekly publication, of course, ‘The Athens Voice’ will be weekly as well. Assuming we receive around the same number of ‘Voice’ submissions, that means this feature will be longer. In order to keep it from getting ridiculously long, we will do more to edit or delete submissions that are longer than 75 words. (That previous paragraph is 63 words, just to give you an idea.)

Also, we will not use ‘Voices’ that have been overtaken by events. For example, we received one last Wednesday, May 29, complaining about no apparent work on the East State Street repaving project. Whatever that person wrote is outdated this week, since the delayed started this Monday.

We will continue to screen out “Voices” that endorse or attack local individuals, institutions and businesses. Public and government figures and individuals are still fair game, though the criticism should be confined to matters that already are in the public arena. We’ll continue to try our best to screen out unproven or unaired allegations. TS

“Hey, farmers for Trump, it's been a while, huh? I've just been sitting back, enjoying the schadenfreude show. Having fun winning that ‘easy’ trade war? Well, you get what you vote for. Guess we now know what that ‘MAGA’ on your hats stands for ‘Minimal Amounts of Grain Abroad.’ MUAHAHAHAHAHA!”

“It's generally acknowledged that the design for the Holzer Clinic to County Road 24A bikeway extension is substandard because of flooding problems. It needs to be elevated. But how to get the fill? It just so happens that ODOT is sitting on huge amounts of fill close by. Since the county is legally an arm of state government, why can't ODOT supply the necessary fill? It would be no skin off their noses.”

“Athens City Council members talk the talk about reducing the carbon footprint, yet now plan to make permanent the free experimental kitchen waste pickup that sends a truck around to pick the buckets and then takes them to the recycling/composting area. Few people participate in the free program, and now the cash-strapped garbage fund will have to cover the cost of this effort. How much does this low-participation, free program add to the carbon footprint? Is this sustainable? Fix the unequal fees charged to customers.” 

“When you use a 'self check' at the grocery store, the big corporation transfers the labor onto you. They can hire and pay fewer cashiers, thereby pocketing even fatter profits. The end result is fewer entry-level positions and bigger profits for a big corporation. Is that what you really want?” 

“Many news reports lately have stated that an Ohio school district has closed a building where radioactive contamination was found. They say the southern Ohio building is ‘several’ miles from DOE’s Portsmouth Gaseous Diffusion Plant, which once produced enriched uranium for the U.S. nuclear weapons programs. The dictionary meaning of several is: ‘more than two but not many.’ The massive weapons plant is less than two miles from the school. Let’s at least get that straight.”

“I am dumbfounded that Athens city administrators have shown such lack of judgment when they proposed awarding our waste/recycling contract to an outside contractor. Athens is a progressive community, and administrators such as these do not reflect our best interests.”

“Why didn’t Nelsonville Music Festival get any major acts this year?”

“Now that the gaga-ball pit has finally been rebuilt in Nelsonville, after the injustice to the Boy Scouts was committed, the questions remain: Who actually paid for the materials? How many city workers were paid to do the construction? And were the directives of the county prosecutor followed?” 

“Athens mayor to city service and safety director: ‘Great work Brownie.’”

“Someone needs to openly solicit first responders in Athens and Athens County with this question. ‘If you were looking for the single most optimum point(s) of origin from which to launch all mechanical responses to the exterior of Athens county, where would you locate (an) emergency response center(s), of medical, fire or constabulary nature? Short of mapped-out optimums, all other conjecture is a waste of time and money.”

“Re: The individual pitching a fit over bacteria and reusable grocery bags. Everything carries bacteria. Fresh off the laundry truck, clothes line or out of the dryer, every item of clothing someone wears into a Kroger probably has more bacteria falling off it by the second than an occasionally washed or wiped-down reusable grocery bag, plastic or fabric. Next time, please think a little more fully before whining in public.”

“I think I understand why rich Republicans seem to have no compassion: Compassion is only borne of suffering, and they've never suffered, so they have no compassion. Maybe we need to take their ID and their money, and drop them off in a Third World country. By the time they get home, they will have suffered some of the ills they have wished on the poorer folks. Perhaps then they will have some compassion." 

“It is insulting to hear that U.S. Navy personnel were directed by the White House to move the USS John McCain so that Donald Trump would not see it. It is very disrespectful to the memory of a deceased U.S. military veteran who served our country in wartime, while Donald Trump avoided serving. Mr. Trump does not merit the title of commander-in-chief of our armed forces. He has not earned that.”

“The recent Athens City Council meeting was ridiculous. The flip-flopping and justifications for the policy reversal regarding the trash and recycling contract would have been funny if it weren’t so sad. Athens makes Nelsonville look like a functional government entity. Oh, and for the guy opposing the foolish pedestrian underpass on Richland, thank you for you perspective. To quote the ‘Letterkenny’ (TV show) hockey coach, ‘this is effing embarrassing.’” 

“I am a pro-life Democrat but the thing is, with some pro-life groups, they come across as not caring about the child after it’s born… When it comes to health care for them, some of these Republicans will say ‘let’s cut programs for them. When it comes to education, let’s do this, let’s do that.’ That’s something I find fault with, because I care about babies after they’re born.” 

“Plastic garbage bags take around the same amount of time to degrade as their grocery store counterpart, which is why I try and use compostable trash bags. However, don't fall for buying the ones that are labeled biodegradable as they're not what they claim to be.”

“Sorry ‘Boogie on the Bricks,’ you don’t get to be a disorganized mess and call the shots.”

“Will Athens Library allow another children’s story-time featuring drag queens this year? Condoning such perversion in a place that is supposed to be family friendly and exposing them to alternative lifestyles at such a young age is inappropriate. All good Christians should show up and let them know what we think of this disgusting use of our tax dollars.”

“The Athens city government made a mistake with the trash-hauling issue. They held a public meeting and heard all kinds of complaints. Then they listened to the people and undid the mistake. Sounds like democracy as it should be. Not that evil dictatorship Trump and McConnell are building down in the swamp. I commend the city officials for admitting mistakes and making things right. Trump and his vile supporters could learn a lesson from this.”

“Recycling: The real story about local recycling is that is pointless. Lots of recyclable stuff gets put into different piles at the Recycling Center. Almost none of it gets recycled. There is no market for recyclable stuff. At best, ‘recycling’ in Athens is a feel-good effort. Want to actually help the environment? Consume less and reuse as much as possible. Eat less meat. Plant trees.”

“Sign #1) State & 33: ‘5/13 – 5/31 Paving Activity.’ [No activity. paving or otherwise, 5/18 – 6/2.] Sign #2) ‘Road Closed’ @ Morris & Grant. [This dilapidated, in-the-way, and pointless sign has been up for a year.] Signs #3) Unsightly, neon-orange ‘Entering Residential Neighborhood’ signs placed haphazardly around the Near East Side. [Are you getting ready to tell us that the Stimson roundabout will soon be connected to May Avenue? It’s not a secret, you know?]”

“The best thing about Trump is The Athens NEWS hates him. Go Trump 2020 MAGA.” 

“Please keep ‘Kitty Fiddle’ in The A-News!”

“Thursdays only! You have no idea the problems, beginning with my husband saying he will only be able to crap once a week now.”

“Forget recycling and all the other local controversies. Can The Athens NEWS address the biggest concern of its readers now that it’s a weekly publication? The big concern is what are you doing about the Monday crossword puzzle? Will it be every Thursday, every other week? And where will the answers be listed?”

Editor’s note: We will run the crossword puzzle and Sudoku every Thursday, with the answers to the previous week on that same page. TS

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