“For the love of all that is holy, when are the lines going to be painted on South Shafer?!”

“InvestigateTrump and Biden. House: quit grandstanding and put the inquiry vote on the floor so they’ll shut up. No one’s addressing over a century of U.S. interference in foreign elections. The ‘Big Government’ is THE CORPORATE GOVERNMENT. The mega-rich control what you see. The superclass is lying to you. They do not care about you or Jesus. Overthrow the corporate masters turning us all against each other. Let’s aim our collective mutual hate somewhere productive. Oct. 20: National “Punch a Lobbyist” day. Communism is insipid and naiive. So is believing that the super-rich don’t see you as anything other than cattle.”

“I am happy to see Menards is under way with their construction. The sooner they open the better! It will save a lot of trips to Lancaster for building materials.”

“I would like to welcome Ellen DeGeneres to the right side of the political aisle. We have common sense enough to agree with her on some things and not banish her because she is friends with George W. Bush. I mean, after all, even Obama calls Dubbya his friend publicly. Might as well try to kick him over to the right side of the aisle. Throw in the Clintons, Bidens and Buttigieg (that dude served actively in the war). By the time the rest of the list gets taken care of, we might just all be unified and right-leaning politically.”

“Fellow Liberals need to brass-up and call attention to Hunter Biden. Hunter is the story, not Joe. We're all paying attention to the fact that these left/right scandals are all connected to the energy industry, right? Russian and Ukrainian energy concerns linked to both Democrats and Republicans via big business. THAT is the news here. The press needs to stop showing off the stains on the sheets. It's time to turn over the mattress and get rid of the house centipedes under the bed. I assure you it's gross under there (I live in SE Ohio, so I would know).”

“Hey, big trucker running the Albany-to-Athens US Rt. 33/50 bypass: Did you know that Athens has an engine brake law? $100 per violation.”

“I have some friends who live in Columbus. (Yes, actually, friends.) Anyway, they are asking me why Ohio University is constantly advertising the number of rapes committed in Athens. Reading the Columbus paper, one would think that there are NO sexual assaults at Ohio State and that is all that goes on in Athens. Is this true or do we just have a terrible public relations problem?”

“I was walking on Court Street on the Friday evening before OU Homecoming and noticed all the litter on the streets. Ugh. Is this the way to welcome and impress alumni and visitors? How is that we can’t address the basics of a cared-for community?”

“In the ‘For the Record’ section of the Athens Messenger, Sept. 24, 2019 edition, it was said that a deputy noticed a car pulled over on Rt. 682, due to a dog having been hit by another vehicle. Thanks and kudos to the good Samaritan who didn't leave this dog to suffer alone and possibly perish. So happy to know there are people willing to help our animal friends in distress.”

“Hey, I called about a week ago and voiced my opinion on ‘The Athens Voice’ regarding our county engineer and how the Hocking County engineer set goals to make all roads in Hocking County hard surface, which to my knowledge he did do, and that ‘Voice’ was never published in The Athens NEWS. The only thing you guys want to publish is anti-Trump bulls**t. Somehow you need to deal with that and get over it and be non-discriminatory, which you aren’t.”

“First we had Tricky Dick, then we had Slick Willy. And now it seems we have a Teflon Trump. Compared to Teflon Trump, the other two are just lightweights. 

“I see the city is finally implementing a plan to ruin Halloween. As someone who witnessed the very first one (uptown Athens Halloween street closing, 1974), I realize that for many years, the city has hated the event, and now has found a way to capitalize on it, with guess what, beer sales. And of course, no recognition for the person who has organized this event in a safe and sane manner for many, many years. I mourn for Athens.” 

“We travel in the area often. Friday and today saw that gas in Pomeroy is $2.37. On Saturday, gas in Coolville (same county) was $2.59, and in Parkersburg it was $2.49. And in Athens – $2.79! Seriously!”

Editor’s note: I can beat that. On Oct. 6, gas was $2.24.9 in Akron; $2.89 in Athens. TS 

“It feels like we have been abandoned by ODOT as far as safety improvements at the intersection of U.S. Rt. 33 and Johnson Road. I hold my breath every time I drive through there.”

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