“It’s nice to see Athens Township taking the lead on this, despite resistance from Dover Township. Zoning will only benefit the community and protect residents from inappropriate development.” 

“I noticed a lot of what appear to be fully loaded OU students/families are leaving Athens at the end of this past week. What’s going on?”

“When is someone going to do something about the homeless camp on Columbus Road? The plastic, trash and pollution is getting out of control... Athens has always been known for its “greenness” and environmentally conscious ways... Being a good citizen and picking up after yourself is FREE and people will like you.”

“The ridiculously exorbitant prices paid by the Athens City School Board for the properties by East Elementary are sickening. Helping the East Side keep their land prices up and bilking the taxpayers and the rest of the town, as usual. What a ‘shock.’”

“Every time a conservative responds to requests that people’s basic needs be met by saying, ‘Well, let’s just give people free houses! Free food! Free medicine,’ I can’t help but think that they are so, so close to getting the point.”

“Redbuds and dogwoods

are fireworks and popcorn

in the spring forest.”

“All the campus is a photo op! And the Emerti Park? Just wonderful! Thanks for your work.” 

“Good for you, A-News, for covering this important story. It’s obvious there’s a wellspring of concern for this troubled college and its downward trajectory. But there is no savior waiting in the wings – not the Board of Regents or any regulatory body. What would it take to get a group of alumni and concerned citizens to coalesce around this issue? We need people willing to go on the record.”

“No doubt our library system is wonderful. Also no doubt that books have disappeared and empty shelves are all that remain. No worse than book burning in my opinion.”

“When will the Hocking College Board of Trustees wake up? Why does Betty Young have them in her back pocket while she’s ruining the place? How can they not see that great employees are constantly leaving, not to mention students? Are they waiting until the place closes its doors? It’s truly mind-boggling and sad.”

“I am a current employee of Hocking College, so I see firsthand the dismantling of the place by the dictatorship of Betty Young. The Board of Trustees awarded her a $70,000 bonus this week. For what?! Hocking College is a sinking ship, and the person who is solely responsible is being rewarded! If you are a business owner or have rentals in Nelsonville, you need to be pressing the board to make a change and FAST! Shame on the board for continuing to fall for Betty’s smooth talk and BS.”

“Check out the article on Betty Young’s $70,000 bonus as it’s posted on The Athens NEWS’ Facebook page. Then check out the reader reactions and comments. Compare the Trustee chair’s glowing remarks about Young in the article with that reader feedback. As of Friday morning, the article had 149 reader reactions, all either sad, angry or ‘ha-ha,’ and none of the ordinary ‘likes’ that typically show approval. It also had 93 comments, all either negative or tagging others. It’s hard to recall any other local issue with such a stark disparity between the official messaging and citizen feedback. That should tell you something.” 

“There’s no shame in being last... unless you’re talking about the breakfast buffet.”

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