“Yippee Skippy calls it ‘the community voice,’ by right and choice. What is in a name? There is no reason to play that game. I am commissioner of the ‘community voice’ hall of fame. Once a week, what a shame!”

“Donald Trump is a grotesque, time-warped version of Chauncey Gardiner, the main character in the film and novel, ‘Being There,’ by Hal Ashby and Jerzy Kosinski, respectively. Trump’s an idiot savant writ dark, a fascist Forrest Gump, a smirking, preening bull in the china shop.”

“So now Athens County won’t have any newspapers that come out on Mondays. I guess we’ll have to make up our own news on Mondays.”

“It’s such a mystery that with all that’s going wrong at Hocking College – much of it well documented in this paper and elsewhere – why there’s been no state oversight? Does anybody at the state level even care? Where’s the accountability? It sure would be interesting to get founder and longtime President John Light to talk about what’s happening. I’m sure he’d have some interesting insights.”

“To the person who wrote to ‘The Voice’ that what The A-News is reporting about Hocking College is ‘fake news’ and that we should be listening to the president of the college and the Board of Trustees, my only question is what is that person drinking? Nothing, not a single thing reported by The A-News is fake and not 100% factual. The only thing fake and not factual is what is coming from the college president and the board. Check out the facts yourself and you will see who is telling the truth!”

“Is anybody else tired of hearing from disgruntled former employees and instructors at Hocking College? They have an ax to grind, and they’re doing their best to bring down this innovative community college. Ask these critics what actions they would have taken if they were tasked with rescuing an institution that faced very difficult headwinds in terms of enrollment and recruitment in the current difficult demographic and economic environment. It’s unfortunate, but the era of local community colleges being able to maintain a substantial fulltime faculty presence are long gone. And ironically, the frequent criticism from said disgruntled former employees, coupled with the unrelentingly negative press, has had the effect of reducing and discouraging enrollment. Any potential HC student is likely to Google ‘Hocking College,’ and you can guess what they’ll see.”

“It’s the coldest spring in years. Oh, yeah, this is just an aberration to the climate-change narrative that elitists and globalists have been pushing for so many years. Obviously, they want to ‘save the world’ with their own climate engineering and manipulation. In reality, it’s Occam’s Razor – the most obvious answer is the right one: We’re having a cooler spring this year because the climate is not warming.”

“Nothing about anything reported in The A-News about Hocking College is ‘fake news’ or has been reported inaccurately! Whoever sent this recent statement about fake reporting is certainly working for the administration and not concerned about what is happening at the college!”

“Where are all the OU students? I thought they were here till June?!”

The Athens NEWS should do an investigative report about the current season of ‘Game of Thrones.’ So much that’s unbelievable, including dragons that can manufacture as much fire as they want (fuel?), and giant crossbows that work perfectly in one battle but totally fail in another. And (spoiler) Daenerys turning totally evil. Where the hell did that come from?”

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