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“When it comes to clearing the snow from my sidewalk, I try to be a good Athenian. I always try to have it cleared within a few hours of a snowfall. But it is depressing when I have it cleared and then see the city plow come along at 25 miles an hour throwing snow and slush 10 feet to the side of their truck. Is it too much to ask that when plowing near the sidewalks that they slow down?” 

“Don’t forget #1 to #7 plastics can be recycled, including most condiment containers. Just be sure to rinse them out and dispose of the lid.”

“The Athens County shelter dog photos every Friday in the Athens Messenger show a very high percentage of pit-bull/terrier/lab mix. Rescue groups work 24/7 to find this over-populated breed a no-kill shelter/rescue or adoptive homes but the ‘market’ for this breed is saturated. So when I saw a ‘FREEBIE’ ad in the same paper for FREE pit/lab mix pups, I can only plead to owners to take advantage of the frequent low-cost spay-neuter clinics in Athens County. Please do your part… spay the mother and spay the puppies before you give them away. Please do not keep adding to the serious problem of pet over-population in our county. Help is there! Please use it.”

“I hope former Athens County Sheriff Pat Kelly wins his appeal for being politically slaughtered. I love the Ohio Innocence Project that exposes the pure evil that can keep people locked up until they finally can get an appeal from a judge far away from the local BS. I believe that the judge screwed up, and that no one will admit it. It happens all the time. Our courts are laughable. Just go uptown to happy hour to hear professional functional drunks who work in government, or know someone who does, run their mouth about the political food chain, as if everyone agrees. Loose lips.”

“It’s now less than two weeks till Valentine’s Day. Can no one tell me whatever happened to that adult novelty store at the south-end ‘Y’ intersection called Passionate Kisses? Time’s running out.”

“Donald Trump has now moved us to one of his many catastrophic blunders. Does he really think that Russian President Vladimir Putin would cave to his threat to pull out of the nuclear arms treaty? All he did was start another nuclear arms race. Good job, Cadet Bone Spur.”

“What the Russians are doing to influence and undermine our democracy, especially on social media, isn’t exactly a new thing. Before the U.S. entered World War II, the British assigned agents in this country to plant news articles (often fake news) designed to foment an interventionist wave against Nazi Germany. (See William Boyd’s novel ‘Restless.’) When the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor in December 1941, that made the effort moot. The difference between the British skullduggery then and the Russians’ influence campaign now is that the Brits had good intentions and the Russians don’t. Plus it doesn’t appear as if the Roosevelt administration was actively colluding with the Brits on their disinformation campaign.”

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