“How is it banks, governments, insurance companies and corporations are not responsible in the event of an act of God, yet individuals subjected to the same or similar acts remain on the hook?”

“Doctors, nurses, assistants, orderlies, hospital staff, paramedics, EMS personnel, first responders – all those who are still showing up for work... who brave this every day... Those are the real heroes! These people are not immune. In Italy, five doctors have died in the last few days. Dozens and dozens of medical people are dying all over the world – China, Australia, the EU. Yet they get up every day and get stuck back in, even knowing that this is a serious risk. When this is over, let’s have a parade down Court Street to honor them.”

Editor’s note: I would add to that list all the folks who are still working in the stores and restaurants that are staying open during this period, so we have access to food and other necessary supplies. TS

“I am concerned about our reliable little neighborhood store: Seaman’s. The people working there deserve our thanks, and I hope they are talking all possible precautions for their own sake. Just a wish for them to stay safe. And there are so many other situations like this...”

“Hats off to Gov. Mike DeWine and his team for their excellent and ongoing communications to all of us in Ohio during this difficult period. He and his team have been proactive and have made difficult decisions in response to this health crisis. At a time when we are lacking a voice of reason from our nation's capitol, we are fortunate to have such leadership at our state level. Thank you Mike and keep up the good work.

“In the editor’s note leading off the ‘Athens Voice’ on Thursday, you write that ‘misinformation will be screened.’ Then underneath there, you have this left-wing whacko saying that everything Trump’s saying is code. Are you people nuts? I think you are.  You’re talking about conservatives being crazy? I mean this ‘code’ stuff is ridiculous. I mean it did start in China. Maybe our government did it.”

Editor’s note: The note about screening out misinformation mainly applies to incorrect public health information that could endanger the public. Examples would be statements that the coronavirus “is no worse than the flu” or urging people to continue to gather in public. This isn’t an exact science, but basically we’re trying to draw a line between obvious opinion and incorrect health conclusions and recommendations. TS

“Mr President, while you are deciding on the fate of the self-quarantine, please consider the possibility that your initial resistance of and inaction toward the coronavirus may have contributed to the uncertainty and panic on Wall Street. Your attitude and the example you are setting for the American people in relation to the coronavirus is worse than the virus itself.”

“We are being led by an ignorant fool whose first instinct is ALWAYS his self-interest, and when he has a hard time discerning his self-interest, as in during the historical crisis that we’re living through right now, it’s total chaos. This country would be in much better hands today if the Senate Republicans had voted to allow witnesses and then vote for impeachment. At least with pence, we’d have somebody who has some discernible reflex toward community good (though it’s nothing to write home about).”

“It’s been really impressive to see how our community is joining together to address the coronavirus crisis. I’m just hoping that this community cooperation can continue as things get worse… and they will get far worse.”

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