Editor’s note: It’s been a while since I explained one of the main screening criteria we apply to “Athens Voice” submissions. We try to screen out submissions that criticize or endorse local businesses, with only rare exceptions (such as when the business is a monopoly or publicly regulated utility). We do this because of the anonymous nature of the “Athens Voice.” With no accountability, there’s too great a risk for people to exploit this forum in order to boost their own business or hurt a competitor. We’ve applied this standard in rejecting two or three recent “Voices” that slammed a new hotel under construction near uptown Athens. We use the same screening logic in rejecting posts that include personal or inflammatory attacks on individuals. TS

“Just a friendly reminder that compostable containers and such are not recyclable. Thank you!”

“The default argument (aka conversation stopper) of modern right-wing America: ‘You’re a bunch of baby-killers, so anything we do is OK by comparison.’ There’s not really much to talk about after that lead balloon gets dropped into a discussion. Of course, many Americans believe quite legitimately that a woman’s right to make her own health-care decisions takes precedence over the life of an early developing fetus that’s not recognizably human in any intellectual or physical aspect.” 

“Angry voices in the news and the proven editorials. Woodstock 50 years later… Paradise is regained in the urban hub. Eve apologized to Adam; Adam is OK with God and many dwell in Eden found. Proof, a quintet of cat feet rolled and tumbled in the after-midnight parking lot!”


“Homeless Columbus Road man. Athens, let’s show the country that we can make a liberal agenda work starting with just ONE. We are in HILLARY/BERNIE COUNTRY. East-Siders, you pay for his OU education and $1,000 per month stipend for life, along with reparations if a DNA test proves he qualifies. West-Siders: Any debt he owes we pay off. Full health insurance, no deductibles, rehab if needed. North-Siders: Build him a free green home, provide a cell phone… South-Siders: His food and drink of choice for life. It takes a village. Should we go door to door or set up collection centers?”


“Why doesn’t the big city of Athens offer any kind of different take out other than pizza or subs? Why can’t we have delicious Chinese or Mexican or a hamburger restaurant for delivery? This city is very BORING!”


“If you are looking for free things, go to Hocking College! They have several trash plies worth looking through. Be aware, the trash piles have been there for three years. Happy picking!”

“Two things to keep in mind as the protests in Hong Kong unfold. One, the tear gas being used to beat back the protesters is being provided by our government. Second, Trump assured Xi at the G-20 Summit that the U.S. would sit idly on the sidelines during China’s inevitable Tiananmen-esque crackdown. Both will help explain our otherwise-inexplicable paralytic silence in the coming months. God Bless the USA, where at least I know I’m free (but, apparently, I no longer have to give two sh**s if anyone else is).”

“It’s extremely unfortunate that those whose religious pursuits are protected by this nation are among the first to forget or disregard that everyone under the same flag is equally protected from their pursuits.”

“The A-News cover story about Jorma and Woodstock was marred by nobody at the paper being able to correctly spell ‘Monterey’ and ‘Fillmore.’ Time was when writers and editors would have to be tripping their brains out to flub proper nouns.” 

Editor’s note: Hey, some people spell better when they’re… Aw, never mind. But yes, that’s embarrassing, and also noteworthy that nobody thought to mention it till now. It’s been corrected. TS 

“Looking up at all of these angry and silly ‘Athens Voices,’ I wonder just what the hell I’m doing here.”

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