“I want someone on the right to explain to me why it's OK to spend trillions on the military, but providing health care to the population like every other developed country does is unthinkable. I want an answer. How brainwashed do you have to be to think that free health care and free education are bad things?” 

“How many people realize that wearing new jeans with holes in them sends a demeaning message to the poor? Those who have no choice but to wear damaged clothing only see a condescending public that doesn’t appreciate their good fortune. Shame on you!” 

“I drive to work every day on Rt. 50/32 from west of town, and drive 60-62 miles an hour in the 55 zone. Yet, I watch as cars and SUVs and pickups whiz past me at 70 or even 80 miles an hour, and I never see anybody stopped by state troopers, city police or sheriff’s deputies. I guess I’ll just have to speed up myself.”

“I worked with OPIE, the ESL program at OU, during the boom period 2009-2015. The program was lauded in those days because of the exponentially increasing foreign student enrollment, but from an inside perspective the quality of the programs was sorely lacking. Students (and instructors) were treated as commodities instead of people. Programs were designed to keep students in the ESL program as long as possible (rather than quickly graduate them to regular classes) to maximize Linguistics Department enrollment and tuition income. The students caught on, told their friends at home, and students stopped coming to Ohio University from abroad.”

“If the government of Iran flew a drone over the USA, blew up the White House and the current resident, would we say that was an act of war? So, how does that shoe fit on the other foot? That's essentially what our government did… fly a drone over a sovereign nation, and murder one of its citizens. Or was it war? Killing someone in another country is either murder or war. Choose.”

“Editor Terry Smith was spot on with last week's article about the complex issues of our community as seen from an outside news source referencing Joe Burrow's home town. Our area may be able to use some help but the sun still shines on southeastern Ohio!”

“As thrilling as it was to see Joe Burrow at the White House, it was also horribly ironic to see him – a new local advocate for food insecurity issues in his hometown – shake the hand of President Trump, whose administration just imposed new SNAP (food stamp) rule restrictions that are so bad they have drawn lawsuits from 15 states so far. Wonder why Ohio isn't one of these states?”

“Why haven't I seen any report of the accident on East State Street where a driver flew down the off ramp from Rt. 33, and couldn't make the left turn? I see tire tracks in the grass, and scrapes on the wall of the underpass. I could see it was going to happen, and I saw police and fire headed that way... How bad was the damage?” 

“Ah, yes, the ‘If you don't agree with me, you love terrorists and hate America’ Jedi mind-trick. Modern conservativism has become the philosophy of the simpleton, who cannot fathom that one can support our troops yet abhor the mission to which they are assigned; he cannot grasp that one can be glad an individual terrorist is dead yet question the wisdom and even the legality of the method by which he was taken out; he cannot wrap his brain around the idea of loving this country enough to demand it do better when it fails short of its codified aspirations.” 

“Please consider buying some Bitcoin with money you don’t need for 5-10 years. This is not financial advice.”

“How can local Democrats continue to come up with such bad candidates to run against that empty smile?”

“I have always been a big fan of electric cars. But recently, as I was pumping gas, I was thinking about how much of the price per gallon is taxes, that are used for road construction, street repair, snow plowing, etc. And I suddenly asked the obvious question: Since electric cars don't use gas, are they contributing at all to those costs? Or are they reaping the benefits of what WE pay in taxes without paying a penny for them?”

“Hundreds of thousands of people have been removed from voting rolls in Ohio. Many more have found voting made increasingly difficult. Voter fraud is rare. Why are Republicans so afraid of voters?" 

“In the question of Trump’s Impeachment, there has been an accumulating mountain of evidence and testimony as to Trump’s corrupt behavior and intent. Now we turn to the Senate where Trump supporters are offering no countering evidence or witnesses. Instead they are asking (abracadabra) to pull an acquittal out of thin air, thereby making a mockery of a constitutionally devised Impeachment process.”

“Pound for pound, inch for inch, you can’t find a better non-regulated means of destruction than ignorance, a hybridized malady of arrogance and ignoring the obvious, which no number of doctorates has ever been able to displace.”

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