“The whole reason the City of Athens increased the meter amount in highly desirable areas of uptown is to create more available parking. The farther out you park, the cheaper the meter is. It encourages people to park a little farther out, and not to park their car uptown and leave it all day. The faster turn-around of a parking spot, the more available parking spots you’re apt to find throughout the day. Can’t have it both ways. You can park in the (being-renovated) garage and a block over, too. Walk a bit like you would for most uptown places." 

“After water, silence is probably the most pervasively corrosive substance on Earth. Our own fears, even more so when we remain silent in the naïve attempt to preserve what we euphemistically call ‘peace,’ allows the majority of what we know to be wrong to become ingrained and institutionalized, with those who endorse destructive ends never needing to lift a finger. ‘Your silence will not protect you.’ - Audre Lorde.”

“Loving all the new murals being painted in Athens and Nelsonville. Please tell me the old city rec center – now the facilities garage – on East State Street is next in line for this upgrade. What an eyesore on the most heavily trafficked street in Athens in front of the beautiful recreation complex. A mural overtaking the plain white paint on the building would be awesome.”

“The Ohio Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices states that Section 4511.21 of the Ohio Revised Code (O.R.C.) establishes statutory speed limits, and prescribes how those speed limits may be altered when a study determines that they do not fit the road and traffic conditions. ODOT speed studies strongly weight the ‘85 percentile’ value – the speed at which 85% of the drivers are going plus/minus 10 mph. Almost everyone on East State Street in the business district is driving at 30-35 mph. Athens should change the speed limit to reflect the 85 percentile rule.” 

“Waiting five minutes for city bus on State Street, I saw three cars run red lights by the city pool (not orange but clearly RED).” 

“To the Armchair Expert who thinks they know better than the transportation and transit professionals, before publicly criticizing decisions about transit routes, maybe you should read the Athens County Coordinated Transportation Plan (available online), which lays out the results of surveys and needs assessments for the Albany and Nelsonville bus routes. Sure, Jacksonville/Trimble/Glouster could use bus service as well, but that’s where new funding is really needed to make it happen.”

“Looks like there’s a lot of blame to be placed in the hands of the Alexander School system for not taking bullying seriously. Time for new leadership top to bottom, union protections be damned.”

“Just wanted to give a shout-out to all of the lovely LGBT folks of Athens. Hope you’re enjoying LGBT Wrath Month! Next month will be LGBT Lust month, so let’s all dress appropriately. Keep being the shining diamonds of this little town! 

“My favorite quotes from the late Rowdy Rodney Piper are: ‘I came here to kick ass and chew bubblegum, and I’m all out of bubblegum.’ And this one: ‘When I was born, the doctor didn’t slap me; I slapped the doctor and took a taxi home.’” 

“Yes, please, Athens County, ask the township for help! Baker Road and Enlow Road need it!”

“Why do bartenders and servers uptown think they are entitled to free parking? Everyone employed at OU pays for parking pass, and sometimes you have to walk a bit to get to your job. Lots of campus lots are open after 5 for use with only a short walk uptown, in addition to the streets surrounding the area with parking.”

“This town sure is good at normalizing alcoholism.”

“Dear Mr. Trump: Please spend a few million dollars of taxpayer money to visit Liberty Island in New York Harbor and read the inscription on that statue. Thank you.”

“Trump is holding a conference today (Monday, July 15) touting how he’s the ‘environmental’ president. This guy is a walking, talking OXYMORON.”

“Has anyone spotted the unusual looking fawn in the area of Madison Avenue? I spotted it today toward the bottom of the main section, part way up one of the driveways. I was shocked because it had so much white hair on it. I wanted to stop, but it wasn’t in a safe area to do that, and it was a private driveway. I did some research and I believe it is a ‘piebald’ fawn. I guess they have some pretty common deformities that can be severe at times and could make it difficult for it to survive (such as malformed feet, legs, spine, overbite). I didn’t get a close enough look to see if it had any or not. It was a pretty small fawn, not old enough to be without its mom.” 

“‘The public is invited to attend.’ That statement is added to nearly every Nelsonville press release when announcing committee and council meetings. There should be a revision: ‘The public is invited to attend, but only as a spectator and not a participant.’ A recent recreation committee meeting held at Polley Field was a prime example that questions are not answered or appreciated; they’re met with a dismissing waving of the hand by a blatant bullying action. From only the A-News do citizens have ‘The Voice.’”

“It’s interesting that as outspoken and vocal that Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is, she is a proud Socialist. Yet under socialism, she would have no voice because there is no First Amendment right to free speech because there is no Constitution. Bernie Sanders refers to himself as a ‘Democratic socialist’, which is an obvious contradiction. There is nothing democratic about socialism. Again, to be an informed voter, you must do your due diligence.”

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