“I think the mayor of Athens has it wrong. The Baileys money is not a loan to the city. It is money given to ORCA to do whatever they choose (whoever they are)? It would be good to know who all the members of ORCA are. Be interesting to see whose relative will be hired as administrator with the tax money if they were to receive it. The original group of grant writers from the ’70s did a great service for the poor of Athens County, and most of their grants were worth taxpayer support. Not this one.”

“OK, so now comes a highly paid Harvard man to the U.S. Senate, saying the president can do whatever he wants to get re-elected as long as he thinks it's in the 'best interest of the country to have him re-elected.’ WOW. So, let's stretch that out a bit. An incumbent is dropping lower and lower in the polls as November draws near. Re-election may be a long shot, and God Forbid some Socialist may be elected. It's in the best interest of the country not to let that happen, so he orders up each state's National Guard and the Army to close the polls and seize all early ballots. One vote is cast nationally – his – and he wins! Can't impeach him for it; he did what he thought was best for everyone.”

“Where has my democracy gone?”

“In modern Capitalist America, if you don’t have money, we will let you die.”

“On Friday, Jan. 31, Ohio University (tenured) professors discussed concerns regarding university leadership, losing non-tenured faculty members (non-tenured instructors being an issue of concern only recently, i.e., when faced with the prospect of heavier teaching loads), and the ‘pivot’ (aka the budget crisis), etc. at an open forum. The meeting was closed to the public in an effort to allow professors to speak freely. Expert texpert choking smokers: don't you think the joker laughs at you (Ho ho ho, hee hee hee, hah hah hah)? Crabalocker fishwife. Goo goo g'joob.” 

“Alan Dershowitz continues his years-long career of defending murderers, criminals and pedophiles, and now a corrupt president. If he is just defending the Constitution and not partisan as he maintains, why didn’t he just go on talk shows or write his opinion instead of sitting on the president’s defense team as a hired gun?”

“Still think Trump's travel ban isn't about his obsession with ‘shit-hole’ countries? Africa's largest economy, Nigeria, is now included, even though Boko Haram has shown neither the willingness nor the capability of expanding overseas. Fully one-fourth of the African continent is now banned. Meanwhile, Europe remains exempt, even though Trump himself has often decried it as being a ‘breeding ground for extremism.’ Put microphones in front of these people for long enough, and eventually the truth comes out. This policy is a product of Trump's blatant racism, pure and simple.” 

“With Presidents Day arriving shortly, we need to erase George Washington like the Confederate heroes, since he owned slaves also.” 

“There are already over 25 miles of mountain bike trails at Sells Park and Strouds Run. And over 25 miles of mountain bike trails at Lake Hope. Plus the Moonville Trail.”

“Athens City Council has declared a climate emergency and has committed Athens to restore a safe climate. Actually, City Council's approach is all wrong. Apparently, members of council should go back to school – preferably on the other side of the ocean. How dare you! Is City Council saying that they are doing enough – when the politics and solutions needed are still nowhere in sight? We are at the beginning of a mass extinction! All you actually talk about is money and fairy tales of eternal economic growth. The eyes of all future generations are upon you!”

"The ‘climate emergency’ resolution passed by council Monday represents everything wrong with self-congratulatory liberal politics. Demanding energy-efficient homes or expanding our investment in transit would do far more to combat climate change than planting a few trees, but council refuses to take substantial action. If our ‘leading example’ is to encourage other cities to adopt the smug, idle complacency gripping Athens, we’ll never combat climate change. I encourage Councilwoman Fahl’s initiative and deeply appreciate her intent, but framing this as ‘ambitious’ or ‘aggressive’ is a joke. All bark, no bite.”

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