“OK, Athens, enough with the socialism and the speed bumps, etc. Let’s for crying out loud get a cigar bar and a place that sells decent shawarma.”

“Trump and Brexit are good examples of democracy being a bad thing.”

“‘K-Pop Boy Bands charged with Toxic Masculinity!’ Ah ha ha ha!!” 

“You and I can make a difference one life at a time. There’s always somebody that wants to know what you know. When you encounter that someone, keep in mind that what you say and what you do will make an impact on his or her life. Don’t discredit someone who wants to change for the better in spite of his or her past history. They count on you to show them the way to a better life.” 

“Mueller told it like it was. Trump was right, no collusion, and this represents a sensational triumph over fake news. Now there’s going to be hell to pay.”

“Sports headlines inform you of who wins and loses games. Usually, that is. Here at Ohio, the Athletic Department uses the word ‘concludes’ or ‘wraps up’ (as in ‘Ohio concludes match, meet, invitational, or tourney, etc.’) when the team loses or scores low, rather than admitting defeat or a low score. Ohio doesn’t lose, they conclude.”


“The corrupting influence of college sports.” So reported CNN on March 23. The article continued: “It has become impossible to deny the deleterious effect that an athlete subculture can have on college campuses.” Similarly, it is impossible to deny the deleterious effect that the athlete subculture has made on the Hocking College campus. Fight clubs. In class student-instructor altercations. Heavy-handed “guidelines” which “encourage” instructors (fearing for their jobs) to inflate grades and underreport student-athlete class absences. Will Hocking College ever release the graduation rate of student-athletes? 1%? 2%? A truly independent audit of all aspects of HC is called for.

“Not only does the stop light at East State and Charles Street (across from the Community Center and pool) often not display color – green, yellow, or red – it also almost never flashes a left-turn arrow, even though one was installed a few years ago. This very busy intersection deserves regularly timed turn signals as much as those at the used-car dealers, Walmart, and CVS. Despite repeated neighborhood pleas, nothing has changed. Why not?” 

“It’s getting to be ramps season! Please pick them responsibly. Each plant only has two leaves, so please pick only one leaf per plant so the rest of us can have ramps in future years.”

“Some local folks really need to ratchet back their social-media activism. Sometimes it can resemble the tactics of a lynch mob.” 

“I would just like to say to the Athens County veterans, and all the veterans in the United States, for a man you call president to talk about a war hero like John McCain and just talk nasty about him, is really sad and a bad, bad man who does something like that. And he doesn’t deserve the respect or the privilege of serving as president of this blessed United States of America…” 

“If being a narcissistic, arrogant ass is an impeachable offense, then Uncle Joe Biden would have enjoyed being president of the United States of America all those years ago. The whole idea that the Russians colluded with Trump or his campaign to steal the 2016 presidential election from Hillary Clinton is laughable. An estimated $30 million of your tax dollars ‘at work.’ So for all of you out there still suffering from Trump Derangement Syndrome after two and a half years, it’s time to move on.”

“It’s obvious now that we’re in 2020 election mode. It’s ridiculous how many journalists, political pundits and politicians are vying for a spot on President Bone Spur’s administration now and if he wins in 2020. It’s amazing how many of these people have given up their character, dignity and integrity to gain a position in this administration. It’s common knowledge (unlike with previous presidents) this president watches many hours of cable news. Knowing this, these people will agree, concur and promote anything this president says or believes, regardless of whether it’s false or misleading.”

“No, I do not favor socialized health care like Medicare for All. It costs too much, creates a big governmental bureaucracy. No, I do not favor socialized law either.”

“Dear Person who had to wait 45 minutes to an hour at three different (locally owned I assume) businesses, Since you are in a hurry, maybe you should eat at restaurants that rely on microwaves and fryers only. Food usually comes out quicker there. Also pay attention to when you go to a place. There are CRAZY amounts of people in town for MANY reasons, and many of them expect tables that can accommodate 12-plus people! And when food is made to order, this will slow things down. Enjoy your meal. Signed, Food Service Professional.”

“Tearing down historic older homes and buildings surrounding the OU Campus is turning the university into a ‘McCampus’ – homogenized and ugly, devoid of the beauty and charm that draws students to Athens.”

“Any public university that truly cared about education would only provide intramural athletics. It would not support and pay salaries for athletic systems better left to professional sports organizations.”

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