“The year 2020 is the year of clear vision. Let's hope that voters have clear vision when they vote.”

“Happy 2020, the first day of the new decade and new year. 1-1-20. May it bring peace prosperity and love to you all but no where’s my flying car and hover board?”

“For all of you who have ‘fishing’ friends, please encourage them to be certain they don't leave any fishing line behind in or near the water. For six weeks, I have been trying to capture an injured Canada goose that has lost one foot already, and has fishing line wrapped around and embedded in his other leg. This leg also appears swollen. He is at risk of losing his second foot, which likely would lead to suffering and a slow death. I've been told that the wildlife officers find an immense amount of fishing line, and much wildlife suffers because of this (even a bald eagle was found stuck in some). Thanks in advance for your help.” 

“I would like to suggest the Athens bus system change their priorities. Please allow disabled adults, elderly adults, and young children 12 and under ride the bus for free! The stupid OU students should pay a dollar like normal citizens. They already get too many perks here. Remember that this is Athens County, the poorest county in Ohio, and so many cannot afford to pay to ride the bus or pay the stupid fee of a bus pass with a fixed income!”

“The Athens city mayor and City Council and city engineer are not doing their jobs! They are letting Ohio University be the ruler of the county and a big bully because of their money. Stand up and do your job and help the citizens here. Stop working for the government and use some common sense to help the poor in this poor county. Remember that you are an elected official and do not have TENURE to run the city government.”

“So Dennis Powell found a clever way to call Trump a monkey, thus mollifying his liberal friends and handlers. But what part of the president's somewhat sensible policy portfolio does he object to? Sir Dennis never says, preferring to hone his Mark Twain-meets-Don Rickles act at a time when the insult deluge is part of the problem.”

“A hero saved a man’s life. The man happened to be Donald Trump, who said he would give the hero any reward he wanted – at taxpayer expense, of course. Realizing whom he had saved, the hero requested, ‘Please don’t tell anyone I saved your life.’”

“Dear Mr. T.: Perhaps you missed the WWII history class at the Academy (due to your bone-spur treatments?); there's a quote from then you may or may not recall. Something about awakening a sleeping giant and filling him with a Terrible Resolve. Ask Melania, she'll know.”

“The United States killed the top terrorist on the planet Thursday, and Democrats were… upset.”

“‘I need assault rifles to protect myself from the government’ is the most ridiculous pro-Second Amendment argument there is. If the government wants me dead, it will kill me with a drone while I'm walking my dog. No one will ever know what really happened, and my stash of semi-automatics will not save me. Government thugs will then confiscate my cache and use it against the next law-abiding citizen, and so on. My handguns, hunting rifles and shotguns are enough to protect my person, property and family from another human being. Anything more is the futile overcompensation of a fool.”

“Someone tell the ‘Your Voice Ohio’ guy we already have public transportation to Columbus. It's called GoBus. And it's eight minutes from The Plains, where the laundry closed, to ones that are still open, not 20 minutes plus. No county towns sit past 20 minutes to a grocery. Zero fact-checking and calling a focus group 'the people of Athens' – savior journalists rival politicians for cluelessness.”

“Let's all give a shout-out to the underrated Will Drabold for coming up with the idea to support the Athens County Food Pantry in Joe Burrow's name, and to Mr. Burrow for supporting the cause. Both men show how to be best and do right for their community.”

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