“Why did Americans elect someone whose performance is equivalent to a child picking his nose in public and then flicking the snot on everyone else?”

“How hard is it to read signs and follow traffic laws. When you are on the exit ramp from Rt. 33 waiting to make a turn onto State Street, there are three lanes. One for a left turn and two for right turns. Only the far right lane can turn right on a red light. The middle lane (and it is signed) can not turn right on a red light. Two cars turned right on red from the middle lane just this morning. Why is this so hard?”

“‘This is the voice!’ That C-SPAN video from 1999 of Elijah Cummins calling Baltimore ‘infested’ and likening the people of Baltimore to ‘zombies’ was not racist. It was simply one man’s description of communal plight and struggle. Unfortunately, it does not sound like a man who loves his country. Upon further investigation, Elijah Cummins does love his country. Now swap out the name and replace it with the president and we have highlighted the absurdity of our worthless political divide. Think for yourselves, Athenians, don’t drink anyone’s Kool-Aid, you have always been great.”

The Athens NEWS is behind the curve on homeless encampments in Athens and surrounding communities, if they think the one off Columbus Road is the only one. There’s one off the bike path near the sewage treatment plant in Athens, and a small tent city has formed in Nelsonville. In addition, you’ll see many homeless people in The Plains carrying their tents and backpacks as they look for a place to squat overnight, and the Chauncey library and Post Office had homeless people living on their land, as well. The problem is alive and well here in Athens County.”

Re: Homeless encampment along Columbus Road reported in the Aug. 1 Athens NEWS. “This man might not be hurting anyone, but the 10 who follow definitely will. That is the typical pattern of such encampments. They strip the area of trees for firewood and leave trash and feces. I’ve seen this along the bike trail in Columbus and along the new Rt. 50 bypass in Parkersburg. The longer the state ignores the problem, the worse it gets.”

Re: Homeless encampment along Columbus Road reported in the Aug. 1 Athens NEWS. “He has been the only one there since September of last year. I drive by the place everyday, and it looks better kept than some of the places I’ve rented in town. It doesn’t smell, and the only thing you can see when the reeds are up is his path. In the winter you do notice the tarps but it’s not exactly an eyesore. No one lives down this way, and the state does not maintain that land, so why bother him?” 

“The tragic deaths of nine people in Dayton blows the theory of good guys packing heat can stop bad guys with guns. The police were right there. I’ve been to the Oregon District many times. The Dayton Police are highly visible on the street and stopped the nut in less than 60 seconds. One of the answers is free mental health care 24/7. We need to reach out and help people. I’m not even going to talk about the ‘elephant’ in the room.”

“Why do some people feel like it’s a small thing to steal someone’s bike? Stealing a person’s bike can make things difficult for those on a tight budget who rely on their bikes for transportation. If you are in desperate need of a bike, ask for help at local nonprofits and community resources. The Athens Public Library has free bike rentals as well.”

“Imagine my disappointment when I began reading your (Editor Terry Smith’s) ‘Wearing Thin’ column this week and found out that you weren’t retiring but just moving to a new location to continue your liberal brainwashing. We should be less worried about the Russians and be more concerned with the Democratic Party’s ideas of helping the U.S. to become a third-world country.” 

“Re: The homeless people living on ODOT’s unused land: “Dear Mr Bruning; I see you’re one to kick a man when he’s down. Why won’t you tell the truth about whether you’ve received complaints? We all know if you had, you’d be trumpeting that. Where are those people to go, eh? They have no money, no job, no house, no food, just some rich guy kicking them when they’re down. How about you help them instead of hurting them? Now if ODOT was using the land... These people are less of a hazard to motorists than someone crossing the street.”

“One year later and City Hall owes the public an honest report on the efficacy of the Big Belly solar-powered trash cans we’re paying $50,000 for each year. That’s an honest report, not a belly full of manufacturer’s literature. What are the true service numbers? One-fifth of the service time compared to before as promised? Does anyone have accurate numbers from before? The Lexan covers have uglied and are no longer clear, reducing the solar panels’ output. From a sanitary perspective, they serve only as fermenters and pricey high-density housing for fruit flies.”

“Returning students, don’t forget to save money on school supplies and grab yours from the bookshelf at the Baker fourth-floor entrance. Binders, folders, notepads and more, all for free!” 

“My sweetie keeps insisting The A-News is in trouble and I can’t counter his argument. The weekly schedule was spun as a plus, but you don’t seem to be printing any more copies per issue. Unless I snatch one up on Thursday, I don’t get to read it any more. And now I hear you are moving! So sad, The A-News helped me assimilate when I moved to Athens County and has great content. It would be a terrible shame to lose it, and I fear it’s now inevitable.”

Editor’s note: Don’t despair. We’re better than ever, and shifting to weekly publication has allowed us to consolidate our resources and place more time and effort into each of those weekly issues. We’re also adding more content throughout the week to our website (www.athensnews.com). We don’t see the move away from uptown exerting any negative effect on content, and are confident that we’ll once again bring home a boatload of awards when the Ohio News Media Association holds its annual conference in February. TS 

“When you give your child an unusual name or unusual spelling of their name, you are cursing them to a lifetime of having their name misspelled and mispronounced. Having such a name and being over 60, I would know, having lived with this all my life.”

“The optics of those horrible orange signs on the Near East Side are wrong and depressing. Besides being ugly, they give a message the opposite of being a welcoming and inclusive city. The speed bumps are stupid, too. Wake up, Athens.”

“I had to make a trip from The Plains to Albany this morning, and noticed the sign on Rt. 32 routing County Fair traffic onto Radford Road, which I usually take to The Plains anyway, because when you get to the other end, at Rt. 56, it’s a real cluster because they’re paving the road. Traffic backed up, jammed up like crazy. Surely somebody who had that brilliant idea knew that they’d be paving that road. But there you go, no common sense.”

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