“If everyone who was technologically indifferent would submit to the robot overlords, our transition to the alien society that controls them would be more orderly and efficient.”

“Midwest farmers who voted for Trump are getting exactly what they deserve.” 

“Today, Oct. 2, is the 21st day that the temperature has equaled or exceeded 90 degrees. It's a new record. In the 1960s, the average per year was six days. More recently in the ’00s the average has been 12 days. I wonder what's causing this?” 

“Please explain to me why an officer with TWO instances of excessive force has not immediately been placed on administrative leave. That is reprehensible. He is a threat to our community.”

Re: Editor Terry Smith’s “Wearing Thin” column about controversy surrounding a forceful uptown arrest late on Saturday, Sept. 28. “Terry Smith, it seems that you are clearly ignorant to actual situations where local law enforcement has acted in a racist manner. You’re a privileged, older, white dude. Local press isn’t alerted out of fear of retaliation. Law enforcement employees are protected by the blue line and are never held accountable. To even request an investigation or file a complaint leads to retaliation for those whose reports have been falsified and buried. I wouldn’t trust you to handle the story due to your stated bias. Maybe you should check out the People’s Justice League or investigate as a watchdog.”

“On sale this Christmas, limited edition Cabbage Patch ‘Stable Genius’ dolls.”

“All those in elected office or running for office with political ad signs in their or their family's yard should be removed from office or the ballot for trying to sway the 2019 elections.” 

"‘DC 911 – what is your emergency?’

"‘A guy I know just told me that Donald Trump shot Joe Biden!’

"‘I see, did you witness the shooting yourself?’

"‘No, but I thought I heard shots...’

"‘Well, we can't just go running out there on second-hand information! We'll look into it and get back to you.’

"‘But you don't know who I am; what will you do?’

"‘We'll call this Donald Trump and ask him if he did anything wrong. Thanks for your call.’


“I'm seeing a lot of NRA stickers in the Walmart parking lot. Guess the NRA's rally against Walmart's ban on ‘open carry’ fell flat even among the trigger-happy, looking-for-a-reason-to-shoot crowd in southeast Ohio.”

“While entirely in disfavor of any university using its endless economic advantages to compete against the private sector, as they already do in every manner imaginable, an exception should be made for bars, perhaps even made mandatory. The possibilities are endless, among them a more equitable distribution of both the costs and benefits of drinking. The present arrangement is as socio-economically tippled as the crowd being served, with Ohio University continuing to harvest most of the benefits and few to none of the costs. You’re being played, Athens, and not just by the university.”

“I'd take any and all of your assurances to the bank, save that no bank has ever been able to determine a fair rate of exchange.” 

“Odd how increasingly people feel the need to have their sex assigned. All my parents ever had to do was change my diaper to know. It was luck of the draw, not an assignment. About the only good thing to come out of the debate over transgender participation in women’s sports is finding out who is brain dead and who isn’t. Should someone care to live as female or male, for whatever reason, fine. Just be honest about it. While a level playing field must be planar, there is no requirement that it be horizontal.”

“It’s been said that police officers and their agencies should be given more rope, not less, which stands to reason. With populations as well as discontent on the rise, they would need either more rope or thicker rope to accommodate two to a noose.”

“Nothing good happens after midnight. Good advice for all ages!”

“Jill Thompson is right: the Elections Board and its director are not taking the issues with their office seriously. I was outraged to read they were allowing sick leave and vacation to be used to ensure they received overtime pay. The county Commissioners continue to abdicate their duty by not removing the current board and its director. Gross negligence is obvious; it's time for a change.”

“Re: The ‘Athens Voice’ mentioning ‘crickets’ in Washington, D.C. I’m sure Washington has a lot more important things to do than to respond to a progressive liberal in Athens County, who is influenced rather than informed.”

“Common sense is an extinct creature. It doesn’t exist anymore in our society.” 

“What is the status of the Ohio Pawpaw Festival with regard to its proceeds? Is it a nonprofit? Does it contribute to any worthy causes or does it only benefit its organizers?”

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